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  1. hello Armbians, Since over an year I try to use this useless Board. Now i want too switch 3 Relays modules with the gpio system, after an udp command. I installed Wiring pi , gpio readall work gpio write 25 1 , works to the inputt get the value 1 gpio mode 25 out, does not work echo 36 > /sys/class/gpio/export echo out > /sys/class/gpio/gpio36/direction echo 101 > /sys/class/gpio/export echo out > /sys/class/gpio/gpio101/direction the input is without an error but with gpio readall nothing changes this code I wrote to use the gpio with python export38= open('/sys/class/gpio/export','w') export38.write('38') export38.close() active_low38= open('/sys/class//gpio/gpio38/active_low','w') active_low38.write('1') active_low38.close() direction38= open('/sys/class//gpio/gpio38/direction','w') direction38.write('out') direction38.close() value38= open('/sys/class//gpio/gpio38/value','w') value38.write('1') value38.close() but also with gpio readall nothing changes. this code work on an rpi3 export26= open('/sys/class/gpio/export','w') export26.write('26') export26.close() active_low26= open('/sys/class//gpio/gpio26/active_low','w') active_low26.write('1') active_low26.close() direction26= open('/sys/class//gpio/gpio26/direction','w') direction26.write('out') direction26.close() value26= open('/sys/class//gpio/gpio26/value','w') value26.write('1') value26.close() with gpio the pin 37 changes to high. on the opiwin the values in the filesystem changes but not with gpio readall does somebody else have this problems? does the gpio system not work or wiring pi?
  2. Hello Could You advice it` s possible to run emulator for SNES game on armbian at OPI WIN. I`m already run NES game but try to instal other SNES emulator don`t work Thanks in advance.
  3. Seems like it won't boot and stucks at: INFO: PMIC: DRAM voltage: 1.50V INFO: Continiously reboot. Can't understand why. Any advice?
  4. hi there,the 4.19 kernel on win plus is great to play with but it really takes hours to boot. it stucks at starting kernel step. any advice?
  5. When the system call # /sbin/fstrim --all the process enters intermittent sleep, and all the following processes gradually obtain the same state. In crontab it appears as a task of the # fstrim -v / system, the same command if I do it manually also has the same result of never ending and blocking the other processes little by little until the system is totally blocked. Can it be disabled? As a check that is compatible with the microsd? Any recommendation?
  6. Hello everyone. I'm new to Armbian. If I do not restart or turn off by command (correctly) all the files generated or transferred since it was turned on are deleted immediately. Why? Is it normal in Armbian? I use Orange Pi Win Plus 2, how do I deactivate that functionality? I use it as a remote server.
  7. So I have a weird problem that I haven't seen yet, so forgive me if its already been answered. But for some reason mainline kernels (bionic and stretch) both bootloop at the same place. Seen below: The board boots perfectly fine on legacy kernel though. I'm using decent quality Samsung SD cards, and I've tried every combination of usb cable/powerbrick as well as the barrel jack so I'm not sure what the snag is.
  8. good day everyone, Just for fun , i try to run gpu miner on OPI win plus, with open CL. https://github.com/hominoids/sgminer-arm but i face several problems and It would be nice if some buddy could help me. I cant install all needed libs: root@orangepiwin:~# apt-get install mali-fbdev -y Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done E: Unable to locate package mali-fbdev https://forum.odroid.com/viewtopic.php?f=98&t=29571 To install Download ARM Computer Vision and Machine Learning library, is that value true: usr/lib/arm_compute-v18.03-bin-linux/lib/linux-armv7a-neon-cl https://forum.armbian.com/topic/1420-opengl-on-mali-gpu-bananapi-orangepi-pc-etc/ 1. Install: # install GLX Gears, mesa GL and GLU libraries apt-get -y install mesa-utils # install development tools apt-get -y install build-essential automake pkg-config libtool ca-certificates git cmake subversion # install required libraries apt-get install libx11-dev libxext-dev xutils-dev libdrm-dev x11proto-xf86dri-dev libxfixes-dev # get source code git clone https://github.com/robclark/libdri2 git clone https://github.com/linux-sunxi/libump git clone https://github.com/linux-sunxi/sunxi-mali git clone https://github.com/ssvb/xf86-video-fbturbo git clone https://github.com/ptitSeb/glshim # install mali driver cd sunxi-mali git submodule init git submodule update git pull wget http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=hHKVQfrh -O ./include/GLES2/gl2.h wget http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=ShQXc6jy -O ./include/GLES2/gl2ext.h make config ABI=armhf VERSION=r3p0 mkdir /usr/lib/mali echo "/usr/lib/mali" > /etc/ld.so.conf.d/1-mali.conf make -C include install make -C lib/mali prefix=/usr libdir='$(prefix)/lib/mali/' install cd .. 2. Build # Step 1: build and install helper libraries cd libdri2 autoreconf -i ./configure --prefix=/usr make make install cd .. cd libump autoreconf -i ./configure --prefix=/usr make make install cd .. # Step 2: build video driver cd xf86-video-fbturbo autoreconf -i ./configure --prefix=/usr make make install cd .. # Step 3: build GL wrapper cd glshim cmake . make cp lib/libGL.so.1 /usr/lib/ # replace the software GL library with the wrapper cd .. 3. Configure your system - configure your kernel to allocate memory for the GPU - make sure mali and mali_drm kernel modules are loaded - give your user permissions to access /dev/ump and /dev/mali - configure Xorg to use fbturbo driver 4. Test: # run a basic test glxgears # install and run a GL benchmark apt-get -y install globs /usr/lib/globs/benchmarks/GL_pointz/gl_pointz # try to run a real game apt-get -y install billard-gl billard-gl This all worked out for me rather nicely. The only issue I have encountered is a segfault that many GL programs get when they shut down. I'm currently debugging this issue, but it would be helpful to know others experience it as well, and perhaps get some advice from people experienced in GLX or SDL. Edit: I know glxgears is not a real benchmark, but let me give you some numbers to make it clear what I'm talking about. Results are from Orange Pi PC clocked at 1296000 Hz (and are CPU-bound): user@bananapi:~$ glxgears LIBGL: Initialising glshim libGL: built on Jun 12 2016 06:12:01 LIBGL: Current folder is:/home/user libGL:loaded: libGLESv1_CM.so libGL:loaded: libEGL.so 2074 frames in 5.0 seconds = 414.688 FPS 2071 frames in 5.0 seconds = 414.085 FPS 2070 frames in 5.0 seconds = 413.915 FPS ^C But cat get it work So far I tried it with booth kernels 4.19 and 3.10 will this generally work on OPI WIN? is the instruction correct? greetings
  9. Good day! Tell me if there is support for hardware acceleration Orange PI WIN PLUS Cortex-A64 ?? I try to run a video (vlc,mpv) but it is very slow =(
  10. Hello Could You advice how to steering my GPIO output I need set "+" for this 4 canal 31 33 35 37 I already have the connect but can`t fine tutorial on web how to do it.
  11. I'm trying to boot from exp. flash from site (Armbian Stretch mainline kernel 4.19.y), board couldn't boot (LOG): U-Boot SPL 2018.03-armbian (Jun 11 2018 - 03:52:30 +0000) DRAM: 2048 MiB Trying to boot from MMC1 NOTICE: BL3-1: Running on A64/H64 (1689) in SRAM A2 (@0x44000) NOTICE: Configuring SPC Controller NOTICE: BL3-1: v1.0(debug):c9f55c0 NOTICE: BL3-1: Built : 03:52:19, Jun 11 2018 NOTICE: DT: sun50i-a64-orangepi-win INFO: Configuring AXP PMIC INFO: PMIC: DRAM voltage: 1.50V INFO U-Boot SPL 2018.03-armbian (Jun 11 2018 - 03:52:30 +0000) DRAM: 2048 MiB Trying to boot from MMC1 NOTICE: BL3-1: Running on A64/H64 (1689) in SRAM A2 (@0x44000) NOTICE: Configuring SPC Controller NOTICE: BL3-1: v1.0(debug):c9f55c0 NOTICE: BL3-1: Built : 03:52:19, Jun 11 2018 NOTICE: DT: sun50i-a64-orangepi-win INFO: Configuring AXP PMIC INFO: PMIC: DRAM voltage: 1.50V INFO Trying to build conf by myself - same result...
  12. I need help. I builded image Armbian_5.67_Orangepiwin_Ubuntu_bionic_next_4.14.81_desktop. Ethernet don't work. Wi-Fi is Ok. When I tested image Armbian_5.59_Orangepiwin_Ubuntu_xenial_default_3.10.107_desktop Ethernet and Wi-Fi worked on the same board. armbianmonitor -u System diagnosis information will now be uploaded to sysctl: permission denied on key 'vm.mmap_rnd_bits' sysctl: permission denied on key 'vm.mmap_rnd_compat_bits' sysctl: permission denied on key 'vm.stat_refresh' http://ix.io/1s78
  13. Hello I have orange PI win plus I just share Disk USB on Lan. I would like to share this disk use orange wi-fi to my TV Short Need see files on TV use WI-Fi connection. Could You advice how to proceed thaht ?
  14. Hi, I am using blinkt on win plus, but seems like there are no python GPIO library suits it. Anybody have an idea?
  15. Hello i have a 7 inc LCD with HDMI board, but i couldn't use the screen. I've installed armbian 5.41 desktop Linux opiwin 3.10.107-pine64 #11 SMP PREEMPT Sun Feb 11 19:22:44 CET 2018 aarch64 aarch64 aarch64 GNU/Linux my screen is like this what are the steps to work this screen orange win plus. it is working orangepi one via h3disp but a64 doesn't have this feature. and this screen resolution is 1024x600 so if i set 1024x768 the screen ratio is not correct. thanks.
  16. Hello armbian forum, I have an Orange PI Win plus with armbian desktop legacy kernel 3.10.y on it. I also have a extension board from my Raspberry 1 which I want to use. The Problem is that the extension board needs the pins 8 & 10 for UART communication. I read already that UART(2) over pin 8 & 10 is used for Bluetooth? I don't need Bluetooth and want to disable it to free up the pins. Uart1 Pin 38 & 40 and Uart3 Pin 11 & 13 are working finde. How can I make this? With overlays or editing the .dts files?
  17. Hi, every one: I installed Armbian Xenial desktop legacy kernel 3.10.y on my OPI win plus , it's good. (At least, Bluetooth, WIFI and Ethernet are good). But after i execute "apt upgrade",The bluetooth is fault. So, I tried to freeze the kernel upgrades, and hold "armbian-firmware"package, then run "apt upgrade", All do not work. However, when i insert a BT-dongle(USB), this dongle is functional. So I think there is a bug in some package, please help me to solve.
  18. I know that mainline kernel now is 4.14, and now is experimental for A64.. I have tried build my own armbian form Orangepi Win Plus. Kernel 4.14 does not recognize audio and LAN. Question. Is it possible to build Armbian 5.51 with old kernel 3.10 for that device ( Ubuntu 18.04). Old kernel works much better with devices A64 cpu. I know that is old......but mayby not so experimental.....
  19. Hello everyone, I was running Armbian Xenial (mainline 4.11.8 kernel) on Win Plus and it was working pretty good (after a little fix). But after some bad configurations (the system was still working..), I decided to re-install the whole system. The thing is that there are no more mainline builds for this board on the download page and 3.10 kernel is too old (I need at least 4.9)... So I decided to build the system but I have some issues that makes the board pretty useless. The first is that there is no more Ethernet, no blinking light on the board neither on the switch... The second are the USB port : The two USB ports on the right of the Ethernet are delivering power but no data at all... The two on the left are not working at all (no power...). Both were working (power & data) with 4.11.8.. But with 4.14 (unlike 4.11 :P) , HDMI is working (I can see the login screen) which is pretty useless, because I can't login with a usb keyboard or via SSH... I don't have the "blank" 4.11.8 Armbian img anymore, but I fortunately did a save of my working system before erasing the SD card... I don't know if before building we need to do some changes to the kernel configuration in order to make it work... Do you have any ideas ? Thank you
  20. I've read the opi win have a receptor radio fm in the chipset, how use that ? tks
  21. Hi, I'm trying to use the rbd Kernel module but it is somehow missing: root@node1:~# modprobe rbd modprobe: FATAL: Module rbd not found in directory /lib/modules/3.10.107-pine64 How can I load this Kernel module? It's Armbian 5.43.180418 on a OrangePi Win Plus. Best, Tobias
  22. armbian for orangepi win and win plus not boot starting kernel ends boot.. why do you build only this one image? No debian 9 images on next and archive folder
  23. Hello every one I'm new to this site and I have recently purchased an Orange Pi Win Plus but got a lot of issues in configuring it. I'm now able to blink LED through Shell and C with WiringPi but I couldn't find any working Python 3 based Library for GPIO. I installed WiringPi from : https://github.com/OrangePiLibra/WiringPi This actually helped me to access GPIO through C/C++ and Shell but I couldn't find any thing for Python that's working. I came accross a new Python Library : "pyA64" but its not working. Also, the library "OPi.GPIO" doesn't supports my Board. I also tried this : https://github.com/lanefu/WiringPi-Python-OP but that's makes my "gpio" command to stop functioning. I need help!! Does anyone knows how to access GPIO on Orange Pi Win Plus through Python ?
  24. Hi guys, I've been busting my head for days now trying to find a way how to permanently change MAC address on my ehternet on Opi Win Plus boards but nothing yielded positive outcome. The reason I need to permanently change MAC address is because I'll be running 6 of these boards on the same network and since all of them have identical MAC it's impossible for my router to manage them properly. I'm running Ubuntu_xenial_default_3.10.107_server with legacy kernel. I've tried changing the /etc/network/interfaces file by adding hwaddress ether xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx , changing from static to dhcp and doing all sorts of combinations in hopes that something will work. After every change I was restarting the board and the router so they would force new changes. Nothing. I've also tried changing it with macchanger but that didn't do the trick as well. One thing is not clear to me though - should there be any files in /etc/network/interfaces.d/ since at the beginning of my interfaces file it says source /etc/network/interfaces.d/* which led me thinking that this file is trying to call other files from that folder. Is this true? And than I've stumbled upon several posts saying that MAC addresses are somehow hard coded into the system and that one of the potential solutions would be to decompile dtb files, changing it there and compiling it back. These are the forum topics I've found: https://forum.pine64.org/showthread.php?tid=2078&pid=19149#pid19149 https://forum.armbian.com/topic/4059-orangepi-one-mac-address/?tab=comments#comment-29767 https://forum.armbian.com/topic/3419-mac-address-assignment-on-orange-zero/?tab=comments#comment-27200 https://forum.armbian.com/topic/1738-opi-lite-mac-address/?tab=comments#comment-15574 Can anybody help me out with these steps? I really don't know where to even start looking for these files which need to be decompiled and changed.
  25. It seems like all the OS available for the A64 (for me specifically the orangepi winplus) are using the 3.10 kernel that has reached the EOL. I have been advised against using this kernel but I don't see any other options. I did find and armbian for the winplus that used 4.11 but it crumbled after upgrade every time. Does anyone have any advice for me? Thanks
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