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  1. Hi, I'm trying to use the rbd Kernel module but it is somehow missing: root@node1:~# modprobe rbd modprobe: FATAL: Module rbd not found in directory /lib/modules/3.10.107-pine64 How can I load this Kernel module? It's Armbian 5.43.180418 on a OrangePi Win Plus. Best, Tobias
  2. armbian for orangepi win and win plus not boot starting kernel ends boot.. why do you build only this one image? No debian 9 images on next and archive folder
  3. Hello, dear users and developers. Could you help me to enable SPI1 subsystem and use the corresponding device file /dev/spi... to test/probe SPI communications on my Orange Pi Win (Plus) machine? For the sake of that I am ready go migrate from currently good for me and quite fresh "raspbian for orange pi" where I've already implemented about 95% of required functionality. And it seems the only place where I can talk to people about SPI stuff in ready linux distributions is right here. I actually read here about some SPI issues on Orange Pi Zero but I have some troubles at getting possible packages to experiment at my current distribution and I am not skilled,at all, at knowing which particular actions are required from me on Armbian. Accorting to schematics (which is of not ideal accuracy at all) of OrangePi WIN, I understand that SPI0 is engaged in emmc communication and is not accessible from the environment. So the only possibility is to access and use SPI1 lines from external port pins. Next, I see that SPI1 is not standalone but shared with UART4. PD2/LCD-D4/UART4-TX/SPI1-MOSI/CCIR-HSYNC PD3/LCD-D5/UART4-RX/SPI1-MISO/CCIR-VSYNC and UART3 (SPI1-CS,CLK : PDO-PD1) But I see, as well, for ext port UART3 is already configured and enabled alternatively ( "PH4", "PH5", "PH6", "PH7"). If to open device tree (at current armbian 5.41 or at other "device-tree"- featured distribution) we can see there is no actually conflicts between UART4 and SPI1 uart4@0 { linux,phandle = <0xa6>; phandle = <0xa6>; allwinner,pins = "PD2", "PD3", "PD4", "PD5"; allwinner,function = "uart4"; allwinner,pname = "uart4_tx", "uart4_rx", "uart4_rts", "uart4_cts"; allwinner,muxsel = <0x3>; ... }; spi1@0 { ... allwinner,pins = "PD0"; ... allwinner,muxsel = <0x4>; ... }; spi1@1 { ... allwinner,pins = "PD1", "PD2", "PD3"; allwinner,function = "spi1"; allwinner,pname = "spi1_sclk", "spi1_mosi", "spi1_miso"; allwinner,muxsel = <0x4>; ... }; And both devices are currently disabled in system uart@01c29000 { compatible = "allwinner,sun50i-uart"; device_type = "uart4"; reg = <0x0 0x1c29000 0x0 0x400>; interrupts = <0x0 0x4 0x4>; clocks = <0x24>; pinctrl-names = "default", "sleep"; pinctrl-1 = <0x26>; uart4_port = <0x4>; uart4_type = <0x4>; status = "disabled"; pinctrl-0 = <0xa6>; }; spi@01c69000 { #address-cells = <0x1>; #size-cells = <0x0>; compatible = "allwinner,sun50i-spi"; device_type = "spi1"; reg = <0x0 0x1c69000 0x0 0x1000>; interrupts = <0x0 0x42 0x4>; clocks = <0x4 0x56>; clock-frequency = <0x5f5e100>; pinctrl-names = "default", "sleep"; pinctrl-1 = <0x59>; spi1_cs_number = <0x1>; spi1_cs_bitmap = <0x1>; status = "disabled"; pinctrl-0 = <0xa9 0xaa>; }; So. For ARMBIAN (5.41) the only action I do is changing status "disabled" to "okay" for SPI in /boot/dtb/sun50iw1p1-orangepiwin.dts and compiling it again to the .dtb file. After booting the system and modprobing spidev, I actually see the spidev module is loaded and I still do not see /dev/spidevX.X device file. Could you please suggest about next steps to proceed. Thank you very much.
  4. Hi guys, I've been busting my head for days now trying to find a way how to permanently change MAC address on my ehternet on Opi Win Plus boards but nothing yielded positive outcome. The reason I need to permanently change MAC address is because I'll be running 6 of these boards on the same network and since all of them have identical MAC it's impossible for my router to manage them properly. I'm running Ubuntu_xenial_default_3.10.107_server with legacy kernel. I've tried changing the /etc/network/interfaces file by adding hwaddress ether xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx , changing from static to dhcp and doing all sorts of combinations in hopes that something will work. After every change I was restarting the board and the router so they would force new changes. Nothing. I've also tried changing it with macchanger but that didn't do the trick as well. One thing is not clear to me though - should there be any files in /etc/network/interfaces.d/ since at the beginning of my interfaces file it says source /etc/network/interfaces.d/* which led me thinking that this file is trying to call other files from that folder. Is this true? And than I've stumbled upon several posts saying that MAC addresses are somehow hard coded into the system and that one of the potential solutions would be to decompile dtb files, changing it there and compiling it back. These are the forum topics I've found: https://forum.pine64.org/showthread.php?tid=2078&pid=19149#pid19149 https://forum.armbian.com/topic/4059-orangepi-one-mac-address/?tab=comments#comment-29767 https://forum.armbian.com/topic/3419-mac-address-assignment-on-orange-zero/?tab=comments#comment-27200 https://forum.armbian.com/topic/1738-opi-lite-mac-address/?tab=comments#comment-15574 Can anybody help me out with these steps? I really don't know where to even start looking for these files which need to be decompiled and changed.
  5. I have an Orange Pi win plus 2 the black board. The same does not start at all Armbian, it was working normally with ubuntu, I'm using a class 10 SD
  6. Hi, I was wondering if anyone was having issues with the ethernet port using the legacy kernel ? It does seem to kind of work ... it will get DHCP from the router and configure the routing tables etc but after that it goes wonky. When I do a ping test from the router I get "50/50 transmitted, 15/50 received, 70% loss". A ping test from the opi-win to the router gets a similar result. If I try a ping/ssh from a PC connected to the router I get a 95% packet loss Everything else seems to work fine ... HDMI, USB, WiFi (AP/STA modes) which is really, really nice. Thanks TB
  7. Is there any way/hope to have bluetooth working on the OrangePi Win? Thanks!
  8. Hi there, I noticed there are up to date builds for Pine64 for Debian and also up to date ones for Ubuntu for the Orange Pi Win. But none for Debian and Orange Pi Win, newest ones are from November probably with legacy kernel? Is this just some kind of build script hiccup? If not, do you have an idea about a timeframe for new Debian builds? (I'd rather not use Ubuntu if it's just a few days/weeks I'd have to wait for Debian.)
  9. Well, the title is self explanatory. I am trying the new stable release for the Orange PI win from armbian (thank you guys!) but when booting for the first time in headless mode via SSH through Ethernet cable it gets stuck at "Enter new UNIX password". I put the new password and nothing happens. If I unplug the cable to force the SSH server to close the connection and then I plug it back again, the password is kept the old one (default 1234) and the problem repeats. After some tests I finally got to change the password, but it gets stuck after, or even before sometimes if I reboot. It seems that the SSH tunnel is simply not stable. I should mention that the configuration of OS and dhcp server I use to work in headless mode is exactly the same I have used with old (unstable) releases, and as for the SSH connection it worked perfectly. Is there someone with the same issue? Thanks in advance! Edit: After waiting long enough without restarting I get: packet_write_wait: Connection to port 22: Broken pipe
  10. Hi you all, I have flashed a good, tested and reliable 32GB SD card with the last build for Orange PI Win (armbian 5.38) and when first updating, it stucks in "waiting for headers" for too long. I have read that this is caused in Linux systems because one installs third party software whose repos take long to answer, but since here it is a first and fresh update, with nothing but armbian inside, I ask myself if it is normal or there is a problem with the servers at this moment. Only apt-get update ca take up to 1h 30 min, so it is really an annoying issue. Is anyone out there experiencing the same problem (and hopefully with a solution) ?? Thank you guys!!!
  11. Hi I installed armbian on orange pi plus win and I sow the resolution isn't good. so I tried h3disp command but I got this What is the resolution software in this model? I tried to install h3disp but it isn't in repository!
  12. I bought orange pi win plus and I began to use armbian. Nearly everything ok but I can not use my bluetooth keyboard. There is a bluetooth symbol and I can enable it but when I wanna add my keyboard it says no adapter found... Please help me ..
  13. Hello again, I downloaded the latest Orange Pi Win Ubuntu server – legacy kernel and installed it. It works fine, but when I connect from my win10 notebook via ssh with “putty” or “Windows power shell” the connections stops after the input of the right password. If the Password is wrong i have to re type it. Service ssh status: pam_unix(sshd:sessions): session opened for user root (uid=0) So it looks like the ssh on my “OPI win” works, but on putty I have only a blinking cursor. When I connect ssh via my android phone it works, without problems. Had anyone ells this problem? greetings from Austria Edit1: Solved the problem with this instruction How To Fix SSH Hanging it is working now greetings
  14. Hello I try to install Kodi on a Orange Pi Win plus, but it stops with errors http://kodi.wiki/view/HOW-TO:Install_Kodi_for_Linux this commands are working apt-get install software-properties-common add-apt-repository ppa:team-xbmc/ppa apt-get update at this poit i have Troubles apt-get install kodi i didnot find a soulution on google i know the builds are not ready, but is ther a soulution or what can i to. sry for my bad english
  15. Hello, recently i bought Orange Pi Win Plus board and have installed Armbian (Ubuntu xenial server) on it. With stock kernel linux-image-dev-sun50iw1, linux-headers-dev-sun50iw1 and linux-dtb-dev-sun50iw1 all hardware working ok except USB DVB tuner myGica T230, needed for me, which has not enabled in kernel configuration. I found linux-image-dev-sun50iw1 (https://www.armbian.com/kernel/, section Allwinner A64), its sources and etc has been removed from Armbian repository. This is question N1: maybe someone has sources for this kernel for build? Today i'm trying to build 'next' and 'dev' kernels for this hardware in Ubuntu 16.04 VM 'DEV' branch kernel and u-boot has two issues: while installing builded packages i see this: dpkg -i *.deb Selecting previously unselected package linux-dtb-dev-sunxi64. (Reading database ... 43926 files and directories currently installed.) Preparing to unpack linux-dtb-dev-sunxi64_5.37_arm64.deb ... Unpacking linux-dtb-dev-sunxi64 (5.37) ... Selecting previously unselected package linux-headers-dev-sunxi64. Preparing to unpack linux-headers-dev-sunxi64_5.37_arm64.deb ... Unpacking linux-headers-dev-sunxi64 (5.37) ... Selecting previously unselected package linux-image-dev-sunxi64. Preparing to unpack linux-image-dev-sunxi64_5.37_arm64.deb ... Unpacking linux-image-dev-sunxi64 (5.37) ... Selecting previously unselected package linux-u-boot-orangepiwin-dev. Preparing to unpack linux-u-boot-dev-orangepiwin_5.37_arm64.deb ... Unpacking linux-u-boot-orangepiwin-dev (5.37) ... Setting up linux-dtb-dev-sunxi64 (5.37) ... Setting up linux-headers-dev-sunxi64 (5.37) ... Compiling headers - please wait ... and process never terminates, only Ctrl+C. And finally, when i try to boot with this kernel and u-boot i see this log with OOPS and reboot: https://pastebin.com/iv7xTFe9 'NEXT' branch has no working ethernet, no working usb, no working thermal zones (dmesg): https://pastebin.com/1H8Re1Hy I understand that the development is still underway, but I would like to know in what state the development and when we can roughly expect the results?
  16. I just built the latest OPi Win image and WOW ... just about everything seems to be working. I'll test it over the coming days but AWESOME work guys. Wifi is back, eth0 is back and HDMI works !!!!! I've not tried any kind of GUI yet but I can get a console prompt on the TV & see the kernel boot messages Now for more testing, testing & testing .... TB
  17. I'm going to use MIPI DSI LCD with OrangePi Win. In default configuration MIPI DSI is disabled. I activated Samsung DSI panel in kernel configurator. But it seems it always compiles default configuration. I don't see mipi dsi in dmesg. And image size is always exactly same, doesn't matter make I change in configurator or not. So my question how to compile whole image with MIPI DSI support? Thank in advance!
  18. Hi, I've been playing around with the latest build (Armbian_5.37_Orangepiwin_Debian_stretch_next_4.14.5.img.gz) just to see how things are going and I've noticed that the wifi has gone ? I saw that it doesnt talk about patching the ap6212 firmware anymore. Had a look around but couldnt see anything. I know it's a dev build but I hope that it's just a missing config file from that build branch or something. Thanks TB
  19. i've built and started testing stretch ... it mostly looks pretty good with these issues found so far lircd - goes wild. systemd goes to 100% cpu it need to be blacklisted or the like. stopping/disabling it didnt work. i need to remove it to stop the cpu usage problem https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=860551 install python-wheel as default package as pip breaks without it eth0 has gone but seems to be a known issue https://irclog.whitequark.org/linux-sunxi/2017-09-19 and I see that hdmi has made progress (by smaeul) https://irclog.whitequark.org/linux-sunxi/2017-09-26
  20. Bonjour, je viens d'acquerir une opi win plus j'ai téléchargé et installé sur une carte scandisk ultra 32gb et au boot j'ai le message can not setup simplefb node not found l'image utilisée est Armbian_5.32.170705_Orangepiwin_Ubuntu_xenial_dev_4.11.8.img. Need help tks
  21. Orange Pi Win Plus - no screen image after uboot, during uboot operation, the image on the screen is present. Are there any assumptions how to fix this? i tried use image from orange pi win, looks like boars a similar, difference only in wifi and 2gb memory instead 1gb;
  22. Hi, I was wondering if anyone had been able to get this working ? And, yes i know that OPI-Win is WIP/testing. I read some stuff here & on the linux-sunxi irc log that seemed to say that it should work & I've tried the following without luck. I was wondering if someone with alittle more knowledge about this may be able to help or point me in the right direction. I also tried to compile u-boot v2017-09 but it fails with a sdram too big error I tried to backport some of the config to 2017-07 but that'll take time i expect ... /boot/armbianEnv.txt (many combinations of this) disp_mode=720p60 disp_dvi_compat=1 verbosity=7 /boot/boot.cmd (many combinations of this) setenv stdout=serial,vga setenv stderr=serial,vga setenv console=tty1 (i've also tried tty0, tty2 etc) setenv bootargs console=tty0 hdmi.audio=EDID:0 disp.screen0_output_mode=720p60 root=/dev/mmcblk0p1 rootwait panic=10 setenv video-mode sunxi:1024x768-24@60,monitor=dvi,hpd=0,edid=0 Many thanks in advance TB
  23. Hello, I install Armbian on my Orange Pi Win Plus, i use the image for Orange PI Win i have the boot starter after nothing, someone can help thank you
  24. hey guys I ran some test with both version of OPI Win's Armbian and: I got all time reboot on server edition I see the the first Armbian boot up page but desktop wouldn't show up... please give me solutions. Thank you guys.
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