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  1. Release Candidate Code Freeze Date: 2020-10-18 Release Date: 2020-11-XX Release Candidate Branch Link: TBD Release Changelog: TBD Release Coordinator: TBD Testing Tracking Sheet: TBD (google sheets) The goal of this thread is to discuss testing, bugfixes, and the overall quality of the release. Once the release is complete, this thread should be locked and unpinned. --- Our next release date is coming and perhaps its time to discuss what to push into 20.11, what not, resolve open questions and distract from most used keyword for past few
  2. Release Candidate Code Freeze Date: 2020-07-18 Release Date: 2020-08-XX Release Candidate Branch Link: TBD Release Changelog: TBD Release Coordinator: @lanefu Testing Tracking Sheet: TBD (google sheets) The goal of this thread is to discuss testing, bugfixes, and the overall quality of the release. Once the release is complete, this thread should be locked and unpinned. --- Our next release date is coming and perhaps its time to discuss what to push into 20.08, what not, resolve open questions and distract from most used keyword for past
  3. We all know there are several shortcomings which causes mess in the config files and prevent simple implementing of more complex scripting. In order to make build system future proof and to cleanup the exception mess, which is virtually everywhere, I decided to start working on a part of the build system. Now the concept works and it is not that far to be mad if idea is bad packages/extras was moved into this, then board support package and (for now) Cubietruck and Tinkerboard hacks from config/sources/ All others have to be implement into packages and their scripts. It's one time
  4. Hi, UPDATE 26 of May 2018: minor text for better reading, Document section added tools, repository idea SITUATION: In our "day to day" exchange on Armbian we are probably to close to look at it the way it looks for a firsttime visitor. Many members of the community have seen that as well and wrote about it in the Forum - but they didn't come up with a solution. Now, neither do I have a solution nor do I have nice document, but I think we need to set some standard pillars of FOSS projects in order to overcome some of our well known problems. For the ones who
  5. I have managed to build FFmpeg with Cedrus on Armbian and it seems working. It would be nice to see some benchs and how would be the best use for this AW Encoder. I have not much experience with FFmpeg. You can test it: To grab video stream from the CMOS camera: sudo ./ffmpeg -f v4l2 -channel 0 -video_size 640x480 -i /dev/video0 -pix_fmt nv12 -r 30 -b:v 64k -c:v cedrus264 test.mp4
  6. We try to set up lirc on opi pc, but only receive works fine, any idea how to set it up to work in both modes - transmit and receive?
  7. Hi, On the main site: it says only 60 days to go for the next release :-) Well, to have a good user experience and squash bugs I think we should do a feature-freeze from about day 50 onwards - what is your take on that ? To do so, I was thinking about how you could handle this period on Github. Will “pull request’s” after feature-freeze be tagged for later integration? Everybody is welcome in squashing bugs (only the ones in code) eg. updating or adding configuration file for armbianmonitor ? eg. updating or adding in
  8. I received the BPI M2 Ultra a couple of days ago (thanks to Nora Lee for the board) and worked a while on the BSP to learn and apply some of our changes on the ov5640 driver to be able to use Auto Focus and see if i could get Guvcview working on it. Here are some of my findings: * Working with the BSP is very similar to what we were used to on the Cubieboard A10/A20 era, those who worked with BSP at that time will feel very comfortable. * As usual, the BSP used arm-linux-gnueabi to compile the u-boot and kernel, i think is the Android way, and parses FEX to build a DTB. (Thanks to my
  10. Hello, I experimented with various OS-es for my new Odroid-XU4. From what I have learned I like armbian the best because it's the closest to the original debian. A clean, small, tuned up system with the possibility to switch back to sysvinit from system(d). What I would run on it is not a desktop environment but exactly Kodi. The XU4 comes with Ubuntu 16 LTS preloaded to sdcard and I can say this is the OS which maxes out the potential of this hardware. With this after an update & upgrade everything works out of the box: kodi, networking, hdmi-cec, hdmi-audio. With using the unofficial
  11. Armbian Cubietruck Desktop does not start the graphical environment for Nand. I downloaded the Armbian Legacy 5:10 Cubietruck Debian jessie 3.4.112 Desktop ( , I recorded the image on an SD card using a software called Rufus ( ) Insert the card into Cubietruck and Armbian starts and works perfectly ! run the script to perform the copy of the card to nand , the same copy without any error and asks at the end off the Cubietruck and disconnect the SD card .
  12. I'm trying the Orange Pi PC for a smal project but while installing th OpiPC corrupts its SD Card. Typical error occurence: - Install Debian Jessy server on 16GB SD Card (ScanDisk Ultra class 10). - run first bootup. - update und upgrade software, install nfs-common and rrdtool. - setup keyboard, console-setup, tzdata, locales, static ip. - edit /etc/fstab, mount nfs-volume. - copy project software (mostly bash scripts, reading cpu temp and switching GPIO-Pin). - seting up a cron job. on one of the next shutdown/reboot the console shows mmc errors while reading and writing (see
  13. Hi I want to build armbian for nanopi neo with a different mainline. What I have done is 1. added lib.config file in userpatches with statement ARMBIAN_MAINLINE_KERNEL_VERSION='4.9' that didn't work, I still get a 4.10.1 kernel build 2. then changed ARMBIAN_MAINLINE_KERNEL_VERSION='4.9' that didn't work either, I got 4.10.1 kernel build Any other tricks? -jerry
  14. Hi, I updated the gc2035 driver, kernel 3.4.x. The driver can be loaded with parameter, so you can choose to have different window size and/or image quality on the fly (well, kind of). Parameter: hres=[0,1,2] hres=0 (default without parameter) 640x480, 15 fps, good quality (fps with good light condition) 1280x720, 13 fps, poor quality (fps with good light condition) 1600x1200, 10 fps, poor quality (fps with good light condition) hres=1 800x600, 12 fps, good quality (fps with good light condition) 1600x1200, 8 fps, medium quality (fps with good light condition) hres
  15. Hello , I have a Adafruit TFP401 HDMI/DVI converter module. On my orange pi pc plus with Armbian kernel 3.4.113, i changed resolution to 800x480 on script.bin file and screen doesn't fit, it has margin from left. anyone help me ? Module Screenshot
  16. Hello, I'm using armbian 5.25 on OPI Lite and wifi dongle 8192cu, after instaling these drivers: I saw that the interface drop half of the packages.... Can someone provide better drivers or tell me how to fix that? wlan1 Link encap:Ethernet HWaddr 00:13:ef:6b:24:e2 inet addr: Bcast: Mask: inet6 addr: fe80::213:efff:fe6b:24e2/64 Scope:Link UP BROADCAST RUNNING MULTICAST MTU:1500 Metric:1 -------->>>>>&g
  17. Hello I have a little problem with the usb devices, i use usb camera and if u plug the power supply to the OPI Lite board (5.25) it recognize the camera but it doesn't work well (stream with like 8-10 fps), after a software reboot, the device go to other Bus and the camera work fine with 15-30 fps stream. Before reboot, exact on first power of the board: Bus 006 Device 002: ID 058f:3822 Alcor Micro Corp. Bus 006 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub Bus 005 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub Bus 004 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub
  18. Hello, I'm using OPI Lite with 5.25 armbian and there is a little problem with the permissions: root@orangepilite:~/Raws/libjpeg/jpeg-8c# ./configure -bash: ./configure: Permission denied root@orangepilite:~/Raws/libjpeg/jpeg-8c# sudo ./configure sudo: ./configure: command not found root@orangepilite:~/Raws/libjpeg/jpeg-8c# ls | grep configure configure That appeared to me twice, first time i compile and install nodejs and npm was not recognized like a command (ask for permissions after use sudo just said command not found), this is my second hit to that problem, trying to
  19. With Debian LTS, updates at least every week. Signatures don't work Stupid, childish pictures for idiots,called captchas are not shown security (!) checks can't be used. No administors can be reached because of github. Never. neve again answer this, I can't be reached in this forum. I can be reached by being much more secure than all zhe securitythingies in this forum. Well, I do have a question armbianspecific: When will gnuit be made working for armbian? Oh and another one: Sinfo doesn't show the frequency of the CPU - to be made working. Why can't emails
  20. Armbian_5.20_Bananapipro_Debian_jessie_4.7.3 Armbian_5.20_Bananapipro_Debian_jessie_4.7.3_desktop both images are not working on my bananapro. Actually when I tried the first time they worked properly but after that time when i tested other images from lemaker links. After from that time no armbian images are working. keyboard and mouse are not able to power up. Also it showing swap on /var/swap. Priority:-1 extents 1 across 131068k SSFS and keep waiting there only. Please help me i was successfully able to build can4linux on armbian Debian desktop 4.7 which is not at all possible o
  21. We would like to thanks all of those who participated in our small contest. Great submission! It was really hard to make a cherry pick, while the winner will be chosen by the vote. Since we only need one default wallpaper and that one must be as generic and clean as possible, this choice is as follows. Few others, which might come into action, had either too small text size, strange colors or were simply too busy. We might will add more than those five wallpapers to our desktop or use them as a boot splash. Vote will be online until 16.12. 1. Dre0x-Minum-dark 2. chzbacon
  22. Hi Friends, on Banian I was using "xset dmps force off" and "xset dpms force on" to switch display off and on as I need it. Tryed to use this commands in terminal with armbian but nothing happens. I'm using LeMakers 5" LCD RGB Display with PCAP Touch. Armbian is 5.24 jessi with desktop and 4.8.12 Kernel. Has anyone an Idea, how to turn off and on display form terminal? Yours, Martin
  23. Hi specialists, I'm trying to understand how the axp209 on Banana Pi works with the A20. In the Banana Pi schematics I see, that they are connected with only four lines. Two lines are used for I²C (TWSI), one is from axp209 PWROK to RESET# of A20 and another one is connected from axp209 IRQ and GPIO2 to NMI# of A20. When system is off and I press my Power Button (K1) on the Pi, the system is booting. System is running and I long press the Power Button, System shuts down. But can anyone say whats happening? What does axp209 do with IRQ, GPIO2 and PWROK pins? Wich way does the A20 rec
  24. I just got the Guvcview working on the Pine64+ with a 5MP camera. Have a look here: Some consideration: 640x480 -> 30 FPS 1280x720 -> 18 FPS
  25. Hi I've just set up the Roseapple Pi with Armbian (legacy server Debian). As I often find (over a range of monitors) there's an overscan so bad I can't see the "login" instructions at the bottom of the screen... on all sides the text is off the edge of the screen. For the life of me I can't see WHERE to adjust the overscan - can anyone help. Pete.