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Found 5 results

  1. Quite a while ago developers decided to rename the dev branch to edge to reflect its purpose better: This now finally happened. Our documentation has been adjusted as well. For details feel free to check these commits: For those who do automated and/or scripted building take note to adjust it accordingly.
  2. What is ZSH, and Why Should You Use It Instead of Bash? ZSH, also called the Z shell, is an extended version of the BASH, with plenty of new features, and support for plugins and themes. Since it’s based on the same shell as Bash, ZSH has many of the same features, and switching over is a breeze. So Why Use It? ZSH has too many features to list here, some just minor improvements to Bash, but here are some of the major ones: Automatic cd: Just type the name of the directory Recursive path expansion: For example “/u/lo/b” expands to “/usr/local/bin” Spelling correction and approximate completion: If you make a minor mistake typing a directory name, ZSH will fix it for you Plugin and theme support: ZSH includes many different plugin frameworks Plugin and theme support is probably the coolest feature of ZSH and is what we’ll focus on here. Can be shipped with Armbian by default Pros: Zsh is Bash-compatible. Existing Bash scripts will work in Zsh, largely unmodified. Everything you already know already applies. You don't have to unlearn anything. Zsh has a powerful extension mechanism. It allows zsh to include as builtins features like sockets, line-editing, regular expression engines, and lots of other things. (Take a look at man zshmodules for more examples) Command completion is absurdly powerful, and can be extended quite far. Scripts already do a lot in the zsh-completions collection, but a zsh module can go much further to do what shells like Fish do. You can easily switch back to Bash in armbian-config Cons: It's bigger than Bash but we tweaked it to run smoothly also on older boards. It will spoil you rotten. Its features are so much more powerful than Bash, you'll never be happy with Bash ever again. What is Oh-My-ZSH? Oh-My-Zsh is the most popular plugin framework for ZSH, and it comes with many built-in plugins and themes as well. Oh-My-Zsh has loads of plugins built right in and does its job well. Plugins that we plan to ship by default: evalcache git git-extras debian tmux screen history extract colorize web-search docker How to test it on existing builds? Support for ZSH was already merged into the build system which means its present in self build or nightly images. Currently you still need to choose ZSH or BASH at 1st login. You can test new features on existing Armbian: This will change all normal users including root on the system from BASH to ZSH. To see effect, logout and login. First login will be slow, others will be normal speed. Going back from ZSH to BASH: Also available via armbian-config. References: [1] [2] Bash VS ZSH [3] Why zsh is Cooler than Your Shell [4] Getting started with Tmux
  3. Before you start getting crazy: Bionic on SBC is still supported A while ago with the release of Ubuntu Focal (and quite some testing beforehand) we decided push building to the new LTS release as main supported host OS. Bionic was marked as deprecated. Since we ran into first troubles on the old Ubuntu LTS the support to build Armbian on Ubuntu Bionic has now been dropped.
  4. Enabled kernel 5.4.y / on: - sunxi/sunxi64 dev (+ u-boot 2019.10) - imx6 current - mvebu64 dev - meson64 dev Will also available in 6 - 8h in beta repository if building on all targets succeeds. Only for experimenting - no end user support.
  5. - to build engine (EXPERT="yes") - repository update with the purpose for adding it (armbian-config and armbian-firmware update everywhere)