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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone, I’m starting this message by apologizing for my poor English (I am French) and also by informing you that I am a newbie with Linux. I have a big problem with my NAS Helios64. At first, I thought this problem was caused by OMV. So I went to the OMV forum to explain my situation. I created the following topic: . There, a kind moderator (macom) asked me to enter some instructions to try to pinpoint the root of the problem. After giving him some outputs, he told me: "For me it looks like your SD card is dead." My installation is not on an SD card but on the eMMC chip of the Helios64. (I followed the Kobol wiki instructions exactly from here : ) After that, my NAS has become unreachable. I can no longer log into the OMV Dashboard. I cannot reach the NAS by SSH either. I can just tell you that all the LED lights on the NAS are solid blue. No red diode on. Is the eMMC chip of my NAS dead? Is there a solution that would prevent me from losing all the data stored on the hard drives? (They are in RAID1 and they are encrypted with the OMV LUKS encryption plugin) (I have not made a data backup elsewhere ... I know, big mistake!) I thank in advance all those who will take the time to help me.
  2. Hello, I'm trying to writing a patch for /gpu/drm/panel/panel-simple.c in order to make my 3.5" ampire works with my Olimex's A13 som board. I've correctly set display frequencies and parameters, and the image is displayed correctly... ...except for some random pixel wich sometimes changes color. I dig out with my oscilloscope and find that RGB data changes on clock's rising edge. Display's datasheet request data to be changed on falling edge insted. So, I've tryied to set the property, but nothing changed: data still changes on rising edge. Here's the core of my patch: diff --git a/drivers/gpu/drm/panel/panel-simple.c b/drivers/gpu/drm/panel/panel-simple.c +static const struct display_timing ampire_am320240l9tnqw_00h_timing = { + .pixelclock = { 6500000, 6500000, 6500000 }, + .hactive = { 320, 320, 320 }, + .hfront_porch = { 20, 20, 20 }, + .hback_porch = { 68, 68, 68 }, + .hsync_len = { 10, 10, 10 }, + .vactive = { 240, 240, 240 }, + .vfront_porch = { 4, 4, 4 }, + .vback_porch = { 18, 18, 18 }, + .vsync_len = { 1, 1, 1 }, + .flags = DISPLAY_FLAGS_PIXDATA_NEGEDGE, +}; + +static const struct panel_desc ampire_am320240l9tnqw_00h = { + .timings = &ampire_am320240l9tnqw_00h_timing, + .num_timings = 1, + .size = { + .width = 70, + .height = 53, + }, + .bus_format = MEDIA_BUS_FMT_RGB888_1X24, + .bus_flags = DRM_BUS_FLAG_PIXDATA_NEGEDGE, +}; + I've tryied many combination of flags, but nothing changes. I've tryied changing other parameters (like porches) and I can see the changes, so I know that driver loads this timings. Can someone please help me find out what I'm doing wrong? ### armbian-release: # PLEASE DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE BOARD=olimex-som-a13 BOARD_NAME="SOM-A13" BOARDFAMILY=sun5i BUILD_REPOSITORY_URL= BUILD_REPOSITORY_COMMIT=65b71245 VERSION=5.92 LINUXFAMILY=sunxi BRANCH=next ARCH=arm IMAGE_TYPE=user-built BOARD_TYPE=csc INITRD_ARCH=arm KERNEL_IMAGE_TYPE=zImage uname -r 5.0.21-sunxi P.s. I know this is not the last version, but is the only one that seem to work with olimex's patches.