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Found 10 results

  1. I also like to keep things in order, but forum and this project is too big for me since a long time ago. Keeping this thing organised can only be done together. I appreciate your willingness to do your share! #armbian channel is unofficial for one very banal reason It doesn't have a recording device -> I tried to fix this once - by reaching out to IRC server staff to acquire OP status which is needed to install a bot, now its years ago, but failed. Then this task simply faded off the radar. It has been more than 25 years since I was installing IRC bots so I also feel a bit rusted doing that ... if you can fix this, #armbian can become official at once and I will also be there more often. Herzlich willkommen!
  2. Forum is getting messy and I am getting more and more complains about. Traffic is going up and we / people are always prone to seek shortcuts. Its already enough that just a few people are posting wrong content at wrong location that forum gets a bad smell. Personally I and those few active moderators can't do more than we already do. We already use all possible technical equipment to limit the spam, but merging/moving wrongly posted topics can't be done by AI. At least not today. Please, take a look - all is written there - and apply: In case you truly want to contribute to this community as a moderator but you don't have enough days or posts require for nomination, please say something at this post.
  3. I have a suggestion for the moderators: Please move the Rockchip 3399 subforum from development to Bug Tracker if its ok! Most of the boards listed there: Nanopi Neo4, M4, NanoPC T4, Rock64PRO, Rock Pi4 are now marked as supported on the Armbian download page. I read a comment from @Igor sometime ago (not able to locate right now) that the only thing holding back the sub forum transfer was a lack of moderator action. Thanks.
  4. Odd. I did IRC stuff many years ago as well but it should not be a big deal to register a channel for a group and therefore gain op status in it... Maybe I find some time to take a look into that.
  5. Thanks for creating a new topic! I am having problems accessing it:
  6. Cosmetic issues may appear during the procedure and fixing them might take from hours to days. Starting early in the morning, backup late in the evening CET. Upgrade from v4.3.6 -> 4.4.3 What's new:
  7. Changed posting permission - one need 10 5 posts to post in RK3399 or Allwinner H6 forums.
  8. @lanefu will help around admin duties.
  9. to WIP forums (RK3399 & H6) header to make it more clear about the support level.
  10. Anyone can add announcement, but moderators decide whether its worth to approve it. If there will be too much, this will be limited only to staff and developers.