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Found 11 results

  1. Hi, I have installed armbian 5.23 on an olimex A10 lime. After boot I find that the i2c devices on the UEXT interface do not show in /dev. They should be /dev/i2c-2 and /dev/i2c-3 and should be detectable using i2cdetect -y 2 (or 3). I notice that the package linux-jessie-root-lime-a10_5.23_armhf.deb ships the .bin (fex) files that configure the ports on boot. The file /boot/bin/lime-a10.bin and /boot/bin/lime-a10-lcd.bin have definitions for these ports but they are disabled. So for now I make a new .bin file with these ports enabled. Specifically I had to change the file like this (I made a new copy so that apt-get upgrade would not clobber my changes) as user 'root': # cd /boot/bin # bin2fex lime-a10.bin >lime-a10.fex # cp lime-a10.fex lime-a10-i2c.fex # nano lime-a10-i2c.fex then starting on line 121 I made the file look like this: Before the twi1_used = 0 and twi2_used=0 Then convert the file back to a .bin, change the symlink for script.bin and reboot # fex2bin lime-a10-i2c.fex lime-a10-i2c.bin # cd /boot # rm -f script.bin # ln -s bin/lime-a10-i2c.bin script.bin # shutdown -r now Question: Why are these ports disabled on the A10 lime in the .bin file? Can this be changed for future versions? Thank you in advance.
  2. Maybe this is a faq. After installing and upgrading armbian to 5.23 on A10-Lime, if I leave serial console attached and Ethernet Cable attached, booting process hangs at: Uncompressing Linux... done, booting the kernel. while if I'm using serial console alone or Ethernet Cable alone, the booting process is fine. Why ?
  3. Hey everyone. I have an MK802 II stick, which has the A10 s.o.c, so i use the Olinuxino Lime a10 image on it. Everything works pretty much fine, except one little thing. This machine has worked fine with non-standard resolutions, like 1440x900, or 1280x1024. Now, when i turn it on, the U-boot screen appears correctly, it even shows that it set the resolution to 1440x900, and after that, the monitor says "signal out of range". Of course, it works well with a 1080p monitor, but i wanted to use this one too. Thanks!
  4. Any chance of getting a legacy image for the A10-lime so that the 4 GB NAND will show up and the /root/nand-sata-install script will work? In the meantime, I'll try the image for Lime2, but I'm pretty sure that one is based on the A20 chip. Thanks,
  5. Hi guys, I am very sorry to bother you, I tried everything I could to make this work but unfortunately, I can't figure it out. So here I am asking for help ! I am using the Armbian 4.5 Jessie (Kernel 3.4.109) on an Olimex Lime A10 board, everything works fine (Wifi & Bluetooth via USB dongles), but there's no sound. I tried aplay -l but nothing is found. modprobe sun4i_codec returns "codec not found". Could you help me find what's wrong ? I would like to avoid compiling a kernel by myself if it's possible ... Thanks !
  6. Hello! I'm trying to make image for olinuxino lime A10. Prebuild image does not have /dev/uinput and /dev/hidraw for my touchscreen, and built without CONFIG_DRM_KMS_HELPER, so i can't replace broken EDID for my HDMI display. A month ago i succesfully build ubuntu image with uinput and hidraw support. But now - i need to rebuild it again, but kernel compilation fails with this error: LD drivers/media/usb/built-in.o LD drivers/media/built-in.o make: *** [drivers] Error 2 [ error ] Kernel was not built [ @host ] And I don't know where to find error description. The last error was missing libssl-dev. Regards.
  7. I downloaded and booted successfully from the Debian Jessie image available on http://www.armbian.com/olimex-lime-a10/ for the LIME. Now I'd like to install an image to NAND, but there's currently no 3.4 kernel version available for the A10. (I've also checked the mirror). I was wondering (before breaking my neck trying to build it) whether this was simply due to no image having been built yet, or due to some circumstances making it impossible to run a 3.4 on the LIME A10? Thanks
  8. Hi, Firstly, congratulations for your amazing work… it's impressive. I have a question regarding the SD image for A10 Lime (Linux 4.x)… Can I enable a raw serial device on /dev/ttyS1 which will use the uart0 of the FEX file? If I understand the FEX documentation, the FEX is no longer used on this kind of image, in favor of DTB files. So, how can I manage to modify the DTB file in order to customize my uart settings ? And, finally, how can I obtain a raw serial device on /dev/ttyS1 which will use it ? Regards, Anthony.
  9. hello, i want use ds2482-100 i2c-> 1wire maxim , but i not see with i2cdetect -y 0 in script.bin : [twi_para] twi_port = 0 twi_scl = port:PB00<2><default><default><default> twi_sda = port:PB01<2><default><default><default> -- [twi0_para] twi0_used = 1 twi0_scl = port:PB00<2><default><default><default> twi0_sda = port:PB01<2><default><default><default> [twi1_para] twi1_used = 0 twi1_scl = port:PB18<2><default><default><default> twi1_sda = port:PB19<2><default><default><default> [twi2_para] twi2_used = 0 twi2_scl = port:PB20<2><default><default><default> twi2_sda = port:PB21<2><default><default><default> i have plug PB00 and PB01 Linux lime-a10 4.1.6-sunxi #22 SMP Tue Aug 25 17:54:51 CEST 2015 armv7l GNU/Linux modprobe ?? what ?? thank you for your help
  10. hello, thank you for your image for olimex A10 it's perfect on sd card but i want put in the sata drive i start command ./nand-sata-install and when finish , reboot but reboot , reboot , reboot , etc.... i not understand can you help , thank you
  11. I have tested Armbian with mainline kernel on A10-OLinuxino-Lime-4G board. The only one change is : diff --git a/configuration.sh b/configuration.sh index 7f439a7..be27778 100644 --- a/configuration.sh +++ b/configuration.sh @@ -130,7 +130,7 @@ lime) # Olimex Lime #-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- REVISION="1.9" -BOOTCONFIG="A20-OLinuXino-Lime_defconfig" +BOOTCONFIG="A10-OLinuXino-Lime_defconfig" MODULES="hci_uart gpio_sunxi rfcomm hidp bonding spi_sun7i 8021q a20_tp" MODULES_NEXT="" ;; After this patch correct version of U-boot (.config file) is build and correct dtb-file is used at boot. It can't be committed "as is" because this patch removes support of A20-OLinuXino-Lime. So some refactoring of $BOARDS in main.sh is needed to support A10-OLinuXino-Lime, A20-OLinuXino-Lime and A20-OLinuXino-Lime2 boards. Dear Igor! Please, add support of this boards to Armbian! Best regards, Yuri
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