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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everyone ! I'm starting this new dedicated thread because I've got some new headache about this issue that we tried to figured out since months... I've received my PineH64 last week, and with this board I don't faced the reboot hang behaviour ! Today, since I've committed the OPi3 WIP scripts, and facing same reboot hang, I've decided to to try booting PineH64 image on this OPi3 board, but unfortunately reboot hang still occurs ... This brings me to a conclusion that it is not a software issue, but maybe hardware one ... I will dig on that during next few days by comparing PMIC and other between all those boards ... But I remember that @jernej said that Reboot worked on one of his H6 board ... @jernej can you confirm which board ? Do you have some boards where you still face reboot hang issue ? Can you try to mix image like I did to give clues ?
  2. Hi, Armbian gurus, I'm trying to make the build system to build image with LibreELEC kernel tree for PineH64 I heard the kernel is patched for being better at hardware decoding Here are what I have done in order: 1. Retrieve patched kernel tree from LibreELEC build system. Upload the patched kernel tree to my gitlab account. 2. Modify config/sources/families/include/sunxi64_common.inc to make KERNEL_SOURCE = my previous repo; KERNELBRACH = master. To make it fetchable during bilding. 3. Modify lib/compilation-prepare.sh: skip aufs patch. 4. Modify lib/compilation.sh: skip advanced_patch in compile_kernel() After all these hassle, I can use compile.sh to build an Armbian 64 bit image with the 5.5.6 patched. BUT unfortunately, I flash the image and found it cannot boot properly. So here are my question: 1. How do you typically debug boot problem for PineH64. 2. Do you think anything could go wrong in those procedure? 3. Do I need to upgrade u-boot as well? It's using v2019.10 as far as I can tell. Thank you.
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