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Found 15 results

  1. Good morning, I'm triying to move to armbian for tinker. Currently i'm using Debian Distro from Asus for tinkerboard and i want to move to a CLI only OS. Armbian seems to be the best option for what i want, but currently i'm unable to use the GPIO pins on the tinkerboard2. I tried to install wiringpi from here (https://github.com/TinkerBoard/gpio_lib_c/tree/sbc/tinkerboard/c) but i always recieve an error code. Anyone facing this problem? Any help will be very much appreciated, i really want to move to a non-GUI OS, but asus does't offer any option besides uninstalling X-10 GUI Thank you for your time
  2. Hi, Currently working on building the kernel modules for tinkerboard-2. But wonder how to deploy my local build (kernel, device tree and full kernel modules) to my boards without re-flashing the SD card image. Could anyone provide me a instruction guide? Thanks
  3. flashing Armbian 23.5 Bookworm to tinkerboard 2. everything is working well except the USB otg.
  4. I am using Armbian 23.5 Jammy XFCE on a Tinker Board 2S. I have a number of issues to sort, one of them being display. The display is receiving a 16:9 signal, but the right hand side of the screen is covered by a black-white-green pattern under which I can move windows (image attached). How can I change the settings to avoid this?
  5. If I am using SSH over a WIFI connection and then plug in the ethernet cable, then I lose my SSH connection. Simply disconnecting the cable doesn't resolve the issue; I need to reboot without the ethernet cable connected to reestablish the SSH over WIFI. The system diagnosis is here.
  6. I downloaded "Armbian Lunar XFCE desktop" image from https://www.armbian.com/tinkerboard-2/ and mounted it to the SD card. Then I booted the board but it couldn't boot. Only the red LED is on. The tinker os can boot and work well. The red LED is on and the green LED keeps blinking. How could I do to boot Armbian on this board?
  7. I just got my tinker board r2.0 today and installed the cli version of armbian. But it seems the wifi module is not regocnized. So also in the armbian-config under network there is no wifi option with SSID and Password fields. Any Idea how I can get it up and running? Also the ifconfig -a command does not show wlan0
  8. I have been trying to power on the Tinkerboard, but I haven't had any luck. The red power light never turns on What have i tried so far: I have tried connecting it to my PC using USB-C using a 12V power supply Using the Raspberry Pi USB-C Power Supply have even exchanged the device, but the issue persists.
  9. Hello everybody, I'm new with the SBC and with Armbian and I hope you can help me. I'm working with a Tinkerboard 2 R2.0, where i would like to be able to cut the USB ports supply. I have noticed on the Tinkerbords R2.0 schematics the USB_OUT_EN_5 line. I'm wondering if this line is conneted to a CPU pin and, if it is possible to drive it? Does anybody know a way to cut the USB ports power supply? Thank you
  10. Hi, I'm interested in getting a compact ARM-based processor (something like a RPI or ASUS TinkerBoard) that can output a 2560x720 output resolution. The current available documentation seems quite sparce and Google searches are littered with people having problems with establishing their chosen video resolutions so I am sceptical! Any pointers would be gratefully received. Thank You, Dave
  11. I have a problem with touch screen, i must each time after power on calibrate touch screen. Looks like dont save parameters. Any help?
  12. Dear all I have a question concerning the Tinker Board video playback function. Until now I used some raspberry PIs 3b to create a simple system that video playbacks in loop after booting for my video installations. Now as the raspberries are not in stock at the moment but i need very urgently another working system, i saw that i can buy the tinker board 2.0 for a reasonable price. However, I'm not a programming specialist and was happy when I got the raspberry to run, I couldn't found anything about the tinker board and specially about a video loop function. I imagine that it is possible, just wondering how complicated it is. Can someone tell me how to do it or does someone have a simple instruction ? For the Pi i followed the Adafruit instructions and it works perfectly. Thank you all for your precious help. Best regards, Martin
  13. Hello, I've been just started using Armbian on my Tinker Board 2s and i'm facing problem that i dont get any output on my acer portable monitor using usb type - c. But when i use tinker os i get output on my acer portable monitor. Please help
  14. Hi, I'm so happy to growth of Armbian, and its good to see that you adding new devices to your device support cartela. But I couldn't find CSC image for Tinkerboard 2. Is that uses same image with RockPi N10 or did you forget to add to download page under to CSC images lists. Bests,
  15. Looks like its available from youyeetoo - https://youyeetoo.com/products/asus-tinker-board-2s-rockchip-rk3399-an-arm-based-single-board-computer-sbc-support-android-10-ubuntu-tinkerboard-2s-tinker2s-1 They have it on Amazon as well. PRICEY but it's there! Has anyone from Armbian got a sample of this? Is Armbian going there? I ordered on off Amazon, will be here in a couple weeks. Perhaps EU gets it faster? Perhaps there are other sellers, I could only find this one. Actually I found it by accident on Amazon and went looking. I'm sure I didn't do an exhaustive search.
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