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Registration Terms

We tried our best to keep these rules as short as possible. So please do both yourself and us a favor and do a quick reading :)


  • Be respectful and practice proper netiquette.
  • The official forum language is English only. Please use a translator tool if necessary.
  • Try avoiding to drift off the actual topic.
  • Do not create duplicates in different forums or bump your own topic to gain attention to your issue. If bumping an old topic to resume conversation or provide new information, update the beginning post if possible.
  • Do not abuse private messaging for support requests. Issue should be discussed publicly to benefit the community.
  • Do not abuse the forums for spam, advertising or self-promotion.


Please read the guidelines to get an idea about how the forums are supposed to be used.


Note: Some users in this forum have additional permissions, including but not limited to edit/hide/delete any post or split/merge topics in their specific forum or globally as needed. These users are recognized as Moderators or Administrators and are instructed to use their permission to their best knowledge and believe. They are responsible to enforce the terms of service mentioned above and can issue warnings or disable user accounts as last resort. Misuse of these privileges will result in revocation of their permissions.


Delete My Account


Go to profile settings and select "Delete my Account". You can also request for data deletion by writing to us via our contact form or write us an email to info@armbian.com. Please allow us a couple of days to work on your request.

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