libmali issue with Armbian image on Rockpro64.

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Greatings for the team.


Currently i am using Armbian Bionic Desktop image with my rockpro64. I went through this link for GPU supported libs installation-

I can see there are libMali.so files in /usr/lib/aarch... folder.


I also installed armnn from this link-


And successfully done and tested.


But when i am running on of my tenseflowlite based project, it is throughing error-


Loaded model mobilenet_ssd.tflite
resolved reporter
nn version: 1.0.0
filename:libarmnn-driver.so    d_info:256608     d_reclen:40s
ERROR: The DDK is not compatible with any of the Mali GPUs on the system.
The DDK was built for 0x860 r2p0 status range [0..15], but none of the GPUs matched:
##Exception: Could not initialize the CL runtime. Error description: clGetDeviceIDs. CL error code: -6
[E][ArmnnDriver]: ArmnnDriver: Failed to setup CL runtime: Could not initialize the CL runtime. Error description: clGetDeviceIDs. CL error code: -6. Device will be unavailable.
[D][ArmnnDriver]: Register Service: armnn (version: 1.0.0)!
[ERROR]: IDevice::getCapabilities returned the error DEVICE_UNAVAILABLE
first invoked time: 488.432 ms


Please suggest any solution related to this Mali GPUs issue. 

Will appreciate your help.


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