rock64 wake up from suspend


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I am running last stable armbian with kernel  4.4.192-rockchip64 on emmc - really everything works nice (only thunderbird is very slow) - thx a lot for your work.


The only thing I could not figure out, how I can wake up from suspend by keyboard or mouse. The armbian image uses org.freedesktop.login1.suspend to suspend - normally I am used to upower or pm-utils and there it was until now all the time possible to wake up with keyboard.


Its quite uncomfortable to wake up the Rock64 with the power button - hidden, very small hole, I just use now a wooden chopstick for wakeup. Does anybody know, how to configure wakeup-hooks / wakeup-events for systemd / logind.

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ok - the arch wiki could be a good tip:


in logind.conf all keys are disabled


I never used sytemd - so I have no idea and have to look into this...


the /etc/udev/rules.d/70-power-switch-my.rules could work, but I have to first understand this.....



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