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Ugo Riboni

Enable microphone by default on NanoPi M1 Plus

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In the latest image for NanoPi M1 Plus, I enable the analog audio I/O on the card by adding overlays=analog-codec in /boot/armbianEnv.txt


But the microphone on the card is disabled by default, because the ALSA control "Mic1 Playback Switch" is set to false by default on the card.


Worse still, this mixer control does not appear in the alsamixer GUI, and the only way to set to true is to use the amixer command line utility, for example with:

 amixer cset name="Mixer Capture Switch" on on

I can do this inside a first boot script, and then ALSA will persist the state between reboots.

But does not seem ideal, and took me a very long time to figure out why the microphone was disabled in the first place.


Is there a way to have this control appear in the GUI, and for it to be enabled by default when the overlay is loaded ?


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