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Boot menu possible ?


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I now have a RockPi4a running Armbian_20.02.0-rc1_Rockpi-4b_bionic_legacy_4.4.210_desktop from eMMC.


Now i wanted to see how i most easily can experiment with newer distributions, such as 5.x.


The radxa debian images for rockpi4 use a lot of partitions and it was quite easy to reformat the eMMC to have two system partitions, install different linux versions into them, and then configure the boot script to allow booting from different partitions/kernels via serial console and there selecting the desired kernel.


In Armbian,  it seems booting uses the boot.cmd script to boot the kernel. Is there a simple example of the boot script with a menu to select boot kernel ? If not, where is this scripting language documented ?

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