Odroid HC-1 died after apt-update/upgrade

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First I have to thank all maintainers for their work. I ran this server for 1.5 years before something broke. Since armbian is maintained by volunteers I want to cheer you up and thank you for your hard work.


However just today my little server would die after apt-update/upgrade. I use a SATA drive together with a boot SD-card (only containing /boot). I can observe the following behavior:


The system leds indicate that booting is sucessful (blue LED does blink regularly, I can detect HDD usage by observing the green LED), yet SSH login that I have been using for years now is impossible. The device is also not responsive when pinging it. From my router's dashboard I can not detect a sucessful network connection, yet the NIC's orange LED would blink regularly. Sadly I do not own an UART adapter, maybe I should have bought one sooner.


What I have already done:


Mirror the SD card using dd. I am uploading the file and will post the link here for review. // Upload finished: https://mega.nz/file/yYJwEIiA#zw4lBfeJ8wXyxS1EeGDpMGERbQquEoxvNaCh2CFwTbg

Notice that the focal images seem to be corrupt. I have added focal sources since I needed more modern packages for installing ntopng. Maybe this had something to do with it.


I am very glad if someone has some advice, well any advice. I would hate to setup everything again ;)

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