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Stuart Naylor

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Hi guys,

If I want to write to Address: Operational Base + offset (0x0470) ACODEC_DAC_ANA_CON12 with 55 what am I doing wrong as keeps telling me wrong address.

I am root but most have the Operational base address wrong which thought that would be the codec base + 0x0479 store data there?

ff560000 Audio Codec PHY
fff80000 System SRAM(256K)
ff800000 A35 DEBUG

Tried several base addresses and just get an error as root.

I thought it would be something like echo 0x60 0x40ff0168 > /sys/kernel/debug/vad/reg

What I am trying to do is just see if there is register that will use the dac via I2s and even though its all cryptic thought I would just try a few registers but must have the base address wrong?

PS is there anyway to put anchor points of a PDF as its in there but the right page would of been a bonus :)

https://dl.radxa.com/rockpis/docs/hw/datasheets/Rockchip RK3308TRM V1.1 Part1-20180810.pdf

But totally confused as the above is from the custom device rockchip repo

The address doesn't make any sense to the ref manual as far as I can tell but maybe someone can help my stupidity

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