Cloning Armbian or any other Operating System anywhere in the world

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This is the method of cloning I have been using for several years. Saved me lots of time.

Applications:  YUMI, QT5-fsarchiver, Wine, Live OS, and Sandisk USB.


1 Make a bootable-usb using YUMI. Install a live OS.

   I prefer PClinux Live on a sandisk USB 128/256gb or Solid-State drive.

   Bootup the USB and install QT5-fsarchiver using synaptic.

2 Or install QT5-fsarchiver in any PC/Laptop.

3 Plug in the Tinkerboard, or what ever, to a USB port and create a full backup image of the MMC or SD card.

4 Save the image file anywhere.

5 Restore the image using QT-fsarchiver to any memory device.

Note:  In the PClinux live installed in the Bootable-usb, I had to change the repository to the second one down

          so qt5-fsarchver would appear when searched.

          YUMI works in wine.  Have wine installed, if using a linux pc or laptop.

          You can copy the backup image to the bootable-USB and take it anywhere you want.

          You can backup any Operating System.  Windows 10/Apple?  I think so.  Very easy with those new

          supper fast devices.  You can also use the command line method using fsarchiver. 

          It can do live systems just don't  edit anything during the backup.

          Armbian can't be backed up using the live backup which means you will need to use another computer.

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