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banana pi M1 doesn't boot anymore


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I had successfully installed Armbian_2022.08.8_Bananapi_bullseye_CLI_5.15.74 on my M1 and copied the system to an SSD which I had attached to the SATA port.

Then I had updated the UUID in armbianEnv.txt and running the system from SSD was working fine.

The system was running headless in my closet  for about 2 months, and I even had no problems to remotely restart the device until today, when it did not come back up after a reboot.

I took it from the closed and hooked it to a monitor just to see the following error messages:
** Bad device specification mmc 0 **

Couldn't find partition mmc 0

I suspected a broken SD card but a check on my Ubuntu desktop showed no errors on the cards file system.

Then I prepared 2 other SD cards, one with Armbian_2022.08.8 as above and the other with Armbian_2023.02.2_Bananapi_bullseye_5.15.93_minimal.

Both did show the same problem, though.

To me, it looks like a hardware problem with the SD card slot.

Is there a way to get the M1 back to work again?


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In the meantime, I have installed the latest armbian successfully on my SD card but now I can't get it to boot from SSD anymore.

I created an ext4 partition on my SSD and mounted /dev/sda1 it to /media/SSD.

Then I did a:  cd / ; find . -xdev | cpio -pdm /media/SSD

 and adapted the UUID in /boot/armbianEnv.txt on the SD card and in /media/SSD/etc/fstab.

Alas when I tried to boot from the system on the SSD it fails (see pic)

Did I overlook somthing here or has something changed in the armbian boot process with the latest rev?



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