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BPi crashing


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armbianmonitor output: http://ix.io/4qwA


I assume it's crashing as I have no display connected to it. Every few days I just notice I can no longer reach the network folder, but it works after a power off/power on.

Not much running on it, samba for file share and deluge for occasional downloads.


I also recently run an update, upgrade and dist-upgrade, but it didn't help. I don't really know what should I look for in the log.


OS: Armbian buster (21.02.1) armv7l
Host: LeMaker Banana Pi
Kernel: 5.15.93-sunxiC

CPU: Allwinner sun7i (A20) Family (2) @ 960MHz

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I managed to get rid of this with better cooling of the device. added some active fan to my server rack and the heat got better away from it. I also checked the amount of logging the running services do. The larger the logfiles got the more often I was running into memory trouble.

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