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RockPi4 revert from NVMe to SD card

John Glasson

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I plan to upgrade my NVMe memory. I currently boot off it - I set this up using the Armbian installer.


Before doing the upgrade I'd like to know that I can boot off my SD card, should anything go wrong with the upgrade. But I'm unsure how to disable the NVMe boot sequence (which I think is SPI flash --> eMMC/mmcboot --> NVMe). If I insert my Armbian SD card, the system doesn't start. I've tried shorting pins 23/25 to disable the SPI flash but this has no effect.


I am assuming that I can complete the upgrade by amending  armbianEnv.txt to make the  'rootdev=UUID' line point to the new NVMe's UID?


Is there a known solution to my query?

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