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linux-libc-dev packages not available after 23.02

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I recently noticed that after updating to 24.02 the package "linux-libc-dev" did not receive a update.
I have checked the current armbian archives and couldn't find anything for any arch. Just to be sure i've also built armbian 24.5 images for bananapi (noticed this on a bananapi board) and rpi4b (as a well supported board) and no linux-libc-dev[...].deb was built.

It seems that with the buildsystem change the files packages/armbian/mkdebian and packages/armbian/builddeb were retired (commit e98c66b, v23.11.1) which previously handled building the kernel packages and included linux-libc-dev.

Unfortunately linux-libc-dev is a dependency for libc6-dev and in turn also linux-headers...

To build such a package i think one would have to add the function to lib/functions/compilation/kernel-debs.sh, similar to the way linux-dtb is built and add it to artifact_map_packages in lib/functions/artifacts/artifact-kernel.sh to be built in the process.

Does anyone agree with this observation? I'm not sure as I am pretty new to the armbian build system...
Is anyone aware of this and working on it?


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