How to use Mali-450 hardware video decoder in Linux

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FFMPEG - FFPLAY - Hardware acceleration for mali gpu.


I want use GPU of CPU S905x (Mali 450) for hardware video decoder 

Use FFMPEG with vdpau or vaapi but not better.

Download ffplay, my ffmpeg compiled with vdpau, vaapi and run ffplay for test video full hd:
How to play file full hd not lag, and smooth.


Pls try test :

You can see clip so lag. CPU busy, 

I using board: MXQPro S905XQ - v1.0



Use ARM Studio - streamline for check GPU.





Gator Module:

Kernel Configure


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On 5/20/2017 at 10:28 PM, Tieu Vinh Long said:

Today, i have found new commit for ffmpeg:


It's Add AML HW decoders

This adds the ffmpeg harware decoders to use the amcodec library on AMLogic devices


Try use it!


Did you try it and make it work?

I tried to build it but nothing shown by ffmpeg -hwaccels. Of course the result is still CPU bound. 

Appreciate if you can share how to make it work, thanks!

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