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A20 and SPI doesn't appear to work


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I've been using a Cubieboard2 and I have been struggling to get the SPI to work.


I've edited the armbianEnv.txt and added the spi0 and spi-spidev to the overlay line.


I see the overlays being loaded and I get (only when I've got the spi-spidev overlay on) a /dev/spi0.0


In the dmesg I see a line like "scanning for SPI0 on DT"  (paraphrasing as I don't have the screen in front of me ATM.)


I don't see any other diagnostic about the SPI though.


I haven't jumpered the MOSI to the MISO yet (for a "loopback" test)


The kernel is compiled with the sun7i-SPI driver as well as the usermode spi driver. Is this allowed?





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