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Bananapi reboots instead of shutdown


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Hi all,


i am completely new to armbian and to be honest not yet completely convinced to change from bananian even that the time should have come.


Until now, on my Bananapi M1, bananian was running without any problems. A few days ago, i tried to get familiar to armbian (debian stretch) for the first time on a test-SD-card.

Now my problem: Since these tests, i am not able anymore to shutdown my running bananian-system to power off. The system seems to halt, but the power is not turned off and a few seconds later the Bananapi restarts. The problem remains even on a clear bananian1604-image. But: On the testSD-card under armbian the shutdown command works without problems.


Does anybody know about something like nonvolatile hardware settings that armbian changes and my bananian does not re-set??


I'm glad to every new idea...




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