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  1. At first thanks ,best friends,for your patience and help. Thanks to you I am on Armbian Ubuntu Desktop,wright now! Bur mysterious is that I can't change default language to Dutch. I tried all possible ways from manual of Armbian,Command line of terminal emulator,su, root...every thing,but unfortunately no succes. Please help me. Thanks again, Sadegh
  2. Hi hojnikb, I just did what you say, and it works perfect. Thank you very much
  3. Thanks,tkaiser!
  4. Thanks,manuti, I go download Armbian with "etcher" and install again.
  5. I am very sorry,no, no it is no massage from Armbian,that is what I see on screen of my computer. I go install Armbian again with"Etcher" and install it.Please don,t compare my knowledge about computer with yours. For me is this a wonderful discovery process.
  6. Hi, Installation of Armbian on orange pi +2e,stops with next massage: orangepiplus2login:[19.149567]ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP):wlan0:link is not ready I can't unfortunately find what i am doing wrong and how to fix it. Can you helpme please? Thanks
  7. I did something wrong,that is why both of my SD cards are not good. Is a possibility to fix them? Another important question: Exist a SD card with installed Armbian, especial for people with less technical knowledge_they can insert the Sd card,and it works_!
  8. Ok. Thanks. I go try again. This time with an another SD card.
  9. is LG Flatron E22411S-BN -Yes -the same thing again. I can choose for No Change resolution,but I don't know how can I change it,when is installation is completed.
  10. Hi, By installing armbian jessie on my Orange pi plus 2 E, after login,I have a choice to change the resolution of screen( to 1920x1080),but unfortunately I have no succes. Can you please tel me how can I do that? Thanks Sadegh
  11. I insert SD card but it change nothing. The Quality of first install is very weak: Xterm command doesn't communicate with Armbian. Screen format is wrong and I can't fix it. It is a line middle of screen.... I want reinstall SD card to fix this problems.
  12. Hi, I installed armbian on my "Orange Pi Plus 2 E" With EMMC. I want to undo EMMC. how? i don't know. Can someone help me please Thanks