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  1. Hi igorpec, Which Orange Pi is the best computer for an ordinary user,who buys a Orange Pi ,only because it very very cheap is -even cheapest on the board computers world-stil more friends of my,with very old and big computers wants buy a Orange buy,they asks me,because i am the first one with an Orange Pi. Just like me, they wants too use Orange Pi for daily use ,like surfing,work with Libreofice.... Thanks Sadegh
  2. I understand that Desktop is for people like me and Server for specialists . I can still use " Armbian Ubuntu Desktop" instead of go for adventure with " Armbian Debian Server". Thanks people, Sadegh
  3. Hi, What is difference between " Server " and " Desktop"?
  4. You are absolutely wright. I installed Gnome Terminal, and it work perfect. Thank you, Da Alchemist !
  5. I tried in all of those situations;copy from a site and paste on Xterm. At my desktop -LXLE- goes everything ok,but here...this is the first time i see this. I think maybe I did something wrong with installing or after install,bur can discover it where and how.
  6. Hi, I am using newest Armbian Ubuntu on " Orange Pi plus 2 E" . All three comand lines_Terminal emulator,Xterm and UXterm-works okay when I type something,for example: sudo apt-get... But when I copy something,for example a command from the site,I paste it on Xterm,i see a with area. It dosn't paste. Please could you help me to fix this? Thanks, Sadegh
  7. Yes. My computer works in Dutch.In Dutch" Dank je wel,manuti !"
  8. At first thanks ,best friends,for your patience and help. Thanks to you I am on Armbian Ubuntu Desktop,wright now! Bur mysterious is that I can't change default language to Dutch. I tried all possible ways from manual of Armbian,Command line of terminal emulator,su, root...every thing,but unfortunately no succes. Please help me. Thanks again, Sadegh
  9. Hi hojnikb, I just did what you say, and it works perfect. Thank you very much
  10. Thanks,manuti, I go download Armbian with "etcher" and install again.
  11. I am very sorry,no, no it is no massage from Armbian,that is what I see on screen of my computer. I go install Armbian again with"Etcher" and install it.Please don,t compare my knowledge about computer with yours. For me is this a wonderful discovery process.
  12. Hi, Installation of Armbian on orange pi +2e,stops with next massage: orangepiplus2login:[19.149567]ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP):wlan0:link is not ready I can't unfortunately find what i am doing wrong and how to fix it. Can you helpme please? Thanks
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