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  1. Should this version work on S905X3? I'm seeing green screen if i copy to u-boot.ext and original x96max+ logo if not but nothing boots in any case.
  2. It would be great to see kernel sources for this version in your github. 20190704 did not show alsa devices on my s912. Or this can be fixed with scripts?
  3. It is possible to try it already But as said there, X11 is not yet supported. So it should be usable under weston or kodi on gbm.
  4. Video decoding with vdec module supported since 4.x kernel. But it requires GL accelerated video driver. Lima for mali-450 and panfrost for mali-820 DRM drivers already accepted to upcoming kernel 5.2. And with newest mesa it should finally work to view hw decoded videos on amlogic chips with mainline kernel.
  5. I've definitely set it in sdcard's extlinux/extlinux.conf and should be copying files from sdcard. And if uboot install is ok it should try sdcard first (this how it works with stock uboot). But in my case LED screen stayed off, no boot with sdcard inserted. Maybe I'll give it another try later, now it is much easier when I know that it can be revived any time. UPDATE: After reflashing with stock image and u-boot box boots without sdcard inserted into system installed with No need to install u-boot 2018.
  6. Unfortunately, with s912-uboot.img made my Tanix TX9 Pro unbootable. Luckily successfully recovered with Amlogic USB Burning Tool. Maybe this u-boot image is only for VIM2 boxes.
  7. So it is possible to boot from EMMC without sdcard with u-boot upgraded to 2018? As I understand upgrading u-boot is scary operation, any fail may brick tv-box.
  8. Installed armbian to EMMC with /root/ but it doesn't boot. If i change ROOTFS to ROOT_EMMC in uEnv.ini on sdcard it boots from EMMC root partition, but if i remove sdcard it doesnt load kernel from internal storage. Maybe i need to install uboot 2018?
  9. gxm_q200_3g.dts used to work with 3.14 kernel for my S912 Tanix box. But for 4.18 with meson-gxm-q200.dtb i have same USB error message when keyboard connected. Which dtb file you may suggest in my case?