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  1. Seems to be fixed now. Using ayufan's U-Boot 1065 I had no trouble restarting the board three times in a row. Also multiple times last week. I hope this isn't just a "good phase", but right now, it looks fine.
  2. Just wanted to report that this has never been fixed or even acknowledged. Not happy
  3. I can report that the USB 3 hub did not solve the problem for me. Made no difference at all. The hub was not powered, but since I already tried to power the SSD externally via a Y-cable, I can't imagine that a powered hub would make any difference. The problem persists.
  4. Thanks TrashCanMan, I'll get a USB 3 hub and look into this.
  5. Hi again, I just wanted to report that the problem persists with the most recent kernel (4.4.156-rockchip64). An external power supply for the SSD did not solve it either. Would be nice if anybody could look into this.
  6. Hi everybody, I recently set up a small server with the Rock64 booting armbian stretch 5.59 stable directly from a 120 GB SSD attached via USB3. Booting is handled with U-Boot from ayufan on the SPI flash. The Rock64 is board revision 2.0, the power supply is the original Pine64 one for the Rock. Besides the SSD, there are no other peripherals connected. The board often (3 out of 4 times) hangs when booting. In this case, all LEDs are lit, the orange network LED will flash and the board is not reachable by SSH and not pingable. My impression is, that it is stuck because the SSD either powered up too late or the USB connection is delayed. However, I cannot confirm my suspicion, because the board also does not output any HDMI signal to my monitor (even if it boots up correctly). If I cut power, re-power and give it another try, it will boot at some point and everything (except the HDMI) will work perfectly. My issue seems to identical to the one described here for the ayufan build. It is noted in that thread, that an external power supply for the SSD might mitigate the problem. I did not have a chance to test this, yet. But I also hope that you guys have a better insight into this and might catch a bug in the armbian image.