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  1. is with a tape, very fixed. I'm afraid to remove and damage the board. As I already know what board it is, I'm going to test the images that have passed me.
  2. Thank you a LOT! You help me very much! I'll study this
  3. the only identification numbers that exist on the board are in photo number 2 "ML19U", "94v-0", "5011". But I can not find anything about it. Accessing the files through the computer found a directory /.disk/info With the content: "Ubuntu 12.04" Precise "- Build armhf LIVE Binary 20150911-21: 56 " I tried to download this image but I can not find it, the links are broken.
  4. Hello everyone, I ask the help of you to identify which card is this. To download the correct image. Thank you