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  1. I was able to make ethernet working with armbian by @SteeMan's advice. The key is to install the STOCK firmware. I didn't expect a custom android firmware like XTMOD can break ethernet in armbian. FYI, I'm using meson-g12a-sei510.dtb. By the way, it seems like @balbes150is not happy (really) with even a mentioning of the name of the non-armbian who-know-what-it-is operating system. I understand it is done due to some strict rule armbian forum has, in order not to clutter the forum with irrelevant information. Or it simply could be because Mods/Admins don't like it. I was hoping my
  2. Hi @SteeMan! I have an H96 Max X2 S905X2 2GB/16GB box. I'm trying to get the ethernet port work in armbian for this box. Please see the attached high resolution images of the motherboard of this box. Some related info printed on the boards: S70-905X2-V2 2018-11-15 CZ1830 SX18122 (wifi/bluetooth chip? I get nothing from googling these strings) Red marker is the location of the NAND short to be used to unbrick the box. Here is what I found so far: 1. Wifi does not work even in stock android rom, not to mention any kind of custom rom / armbian, so I have absolute ze
  3. @balbes150 I'm trying to follow the official guide to build the wireless driver for my mini m8s ii box: The wireless chip is realtek RTL8189FTV. Driver build procedure is in the following link: However, when I run armbian-config and try to install kernel headers, it does nothing. The progress bar goes from 0% to 100% instantly, twice. I've tried to make a bash script as in the official guide, but it just hang up. How can I get the kernel headers