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  1. Thank you for your impolite, childish and degrading answer. I don't understand what do you think you are going to achieve by behaving like arrogant child. Maybe you just want to use me to vent you personal frustrations like a true school yard bully? If you think that attitude is going to get people to contribute/donate more, I think you are badly mistaken. I would understand your attitude if I would have been burdening you or the devs constantly, but getting treated like this for asking a simple and IMHO justified question, is uncalled-for. Also, as I said in my first post that it was not meant as rant, but to ask a simple question. Now if you still insist on taking is as such, there is little I can do to help you. It's also quite strange that you constantly complain, how your time is so precious and limited, but still, somehow you manage to find time to pick me like a primary school bully. You are a grown up man and you can't find any better way to up your self esteem? I truly feel sorry for you. I wish you a hefty dose of karma and good luck on the path you have chosen. P.S. If you are so fed up with users and their questions and people not contributing/donating/not appreciating (<-this is not true, even if you think it is) your and the dev-teams work. Why the fuck you keep doing this then? If you are fed up with this, do something about it to change it. Taking a piss on your user base for asking simple questions and/or support is not the right solution and you know it.
  2. So how much do I owe you for these three/four forum posts? How much money I have to pay, to get my question (one) answered? You understand that understanding other people comes foremost out of your own attitude as does your life in general? If some one asks, how can they support them self in the future, as you have dropped support for their hardware. You first reaction is taking it as a rant and ask(one could say demand) money. Well, I have to say I am somewhat surprised, but not too much. So how much I have to donate, that I can get answer to my simple questions, can I still keep compiling Armbian from the sources, even if you have dropped the support for it? In other words, are you going to remove the build support from the sources or have you done so already? Simple Yes or no will suffice, if you consider anything more elaborated is too costly and/or demanding for you.
  3. I don't understand how you got a rant or pleading out of my post? Having a bad day? Did you know that supporting and contributing would be much more appealing if asking couple of simple questions and voicing ones interest to contribute was not pissed on... I hope you have better new year. Edit: Actually I tough that making interesting projects using Armbian, that have potential to attract new users (<-potential donator's/new contributors), would be considered contributing. Well, I guess I was wrong. Also, FYI not all of us are made out of money. Some of us actually struggle to get the ends meat, so we have to think other ways to support. If I had the money, I would be more than happy to donate lavishly. When there is more motivation than knowledge, it's better ask questions than just mess about and the best way to kill that motivation is to be a jerk.
  4. Coming back from illness that I have tackled for past three months, I see that you have dropped support for Orange Pi+ boards. Well this just fits how things have gone for me lately... Anyway, I am not here to rant about your decision on the subject, or my life, but I do have few questions. What does this mean for me exactly? I have been using Armbian on my Orange pi+ to run Octoprint and my intentions were to make and maintain OctoPi-like image for Orange Pi+ and maybe for some other Orange boards as well, if I find someone interested with some other similar hardware to test etc. I was days away for releasing my first image, when life got on the way. I also had other projects planned, but I was waiting the HW acceleration support to merge on the Armbian to utilize in these projects. Should I still go ahead with this or am I out of luck? Can I still compile Armbian for my board in the future even though it's EOS? What would it require getting Orange Pi+ back to supported boards? I am fine compiling my own images from source and I have been doing so, but fiddling too much with the source files, device trees etc. are still beyond me. I am eager to learn, but I have not found a good source for information nor platform/community where to ask questions. Using just google is kind of slow and somewhat frustrating. I am not at all eager to just trash these boards and spend money on new ones just because of this. These boards suite my needs hardware wise so, I find it very hard to justify buying something else just because you have decided to drop the software support for them. I am saying this just to emphasize that I don't want to buy new boards, not so much to criticize your decisions, even though I may not agree with them.
  5. Sorry if this is in wrong topic and/or the questions are too stupid. I am quite new to armbians inner workings, but would like to contribute anyway. I was trying to create test report for OrangePi plus as instructed in My intention is to create the test reports for OrangePi plus as they seem to be missing and also to test things mentioned in the first post of this topic. I am somewhat confused by the instructions. Is it preferred to run the on all variants of Armbian i.e. Armbian_5.59_Orangepiplus_Debian_stretch_next_4.14.65.img, Armbian_5.59_Orangepiplus_Ubuntu_bionic_next_4.14.65.img and from them by installing the nightly from armbian-config? Totaling 4 test reports, one for each kernel? How about the tests mentioned in the first post? Only bug's and issues reported here considering the first post, right? Oh, should the process of changing to nightly image, started from armbian-config sit in the "Configuring base-files" 16% for over an hour? If not, how do I debug it? I am beginning to think it's stuck, as my CPU is idling too. (From armbianmonitor: 12:42:34: 480MHz 0.06 1% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 40.3°C 0/9). I am using Armbian_5.59_Orangepiplus_Ubuntu_bionic_next_4.14.65 image. I am doing this over SSH, as I don't have suitable KB for this. For the armbian-config I am using serial connection trough UART-USB bridge and the armbianmonitor is run from SSH over WLAN. Oh. Regarding the DVFS, is it enough that I can see the CPU frequency changing in armbianmonitor or are there other tests I should do? No, I am not going to measure the core voltages by multi meter.