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  1. If I use one of this images ( on a SD card, will anything be changed on the original Android system installed in the internal storage? My dad has a GT1 on which I would like to give Armbian a try but the internal storage shoudln't be modified as he doesn't want it changed permanently. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the feedback! Although being a bit off-topic I just want to ask one more question: Is this also valid for the S912 SoC? My father has a Beelink GT1 with S912 on which I could play around.
  3. Hi guys, just ran into this and find it quite interesting! I am wondering how good is the HW decoding working? Is it possible to decode h.264/h.265 up to 4k? I would like to use this with Emby for Linux, maybe someone have experience with this combination and can give some feedback. Thanks!