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  1. Recently I tested armbian stretch for orange pi lite2. If there is not other task except system, there work fine. But if there are some high cpu tasks, such as unzip, the system load will go high, and not go to lower level when task done. When the system load is higher than 4, the response of the system is laggy, when go higher, the system will go no response. I use uptime to test the system load, when boot, the 1min load will be at 3.xx and go down slowly. When no task, the load will lower than 0.5.
  2. Your 40e5ce955b39e689a35c05016cbdfcaba5d5f26c commit on wifi power save has an issue, cause the networkmanager can not start. echo -e "[connection]\nwifi.powersave = 3" > /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/default-wifi-powersave-on.conf this will leave a -e on begining of the file before [connection].
  3. the latest kernal has hdmi issue, if you don't use wifi, you can use the 4.18.0 rc7 build. Or you can build yourself, with the 4.18.0 rc7 kernal and wifi.
  4. Build successfully. Boot successfully except hdmi. Red led always. No green led. Wifi can scan.
  5. Hi, I recently set up an ubuntu 16.04 parallels machine for armbian building. I use ./compile.sh BRANCH=dev to build orange pi lite2 dev images. But it failed, here is the log: [ o.k. ] Downloading sources [ o.k. ] Checking git sources [ u-boot h6-hdmi-rebased-1 ] [ .... ] Up to date [ o.k. ] Checking git sources [ linux-mainline h6-integrate-2-ugly ] [ .... ] Up to date [ o.k. ] Checking git sources [ arm-trusted-firmware-sunxi-mainline sun50i_h6_pmic ] [ .... ] Up to date [ o.k. ] Checking git sources [ sunxi-tools
  6. Mmmmmm, I don't know why have to revert, but 4.18.0 rc7 works well except wifi.
  7. Sorry for testing late, just back from vocation. The new nightly build is unable to get to the login step. The Armbian_5.59.180824_Orangepilite2_Debian_stretch_dev_4.18.0-rc7.7z, which is able to login, will show this: and then a black screen with a cursor blinking, then after a long time, the login message showed. The Armbian_5.60.180923_Orangepilite2_Debian_stretch_dev_4.18.9.7z bulid, along with 0918/4.18.8 build, will show: and then the hdmi screen lost signal. Seems that the simplefb node not found.
  8. So I should set CLI_BETA_TARGET="bionic,stretch:dev" DESKTOP_BETA_TARGET="bionic,stretch:dev" and then request a pull request?
  9. Yeah, I know, it is a wip board. I do not intend to act as an end user, but a tester, only.
  10. So when will the automate nightly build run? I think wireless support is a big improvement for orange pi lite2 version. It deserves a new build.
  11. Hi, I recently read from github testings of orange pi lite2 testing that wireless is working. But I download from the official website of https://dl.armbian.com/orangepilite2/Debian_stretch_dev_nightly.7z(built 0824) and burn it, it starts, but the wireless is missing. I also read that the firmware added ap6255 wireless driver, so I download https://beta.armbian.com/pool/main/a/armbian-firmware-full/armbian-firmware-full_5.59.180915_all.deb and installed it. After reboot, the wireless is still missing. So the support of wireless is built-in or usb? Should I build armbian myself with the l