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  1. So far, i builded and run image with legacy kernel for NanoPi Duo. But it doesn't have libvdpau_sunxi module to HW decoding! Who known how i can include it to kernel build?
  2. I didn't understand exactly how it influence to boot?
  3. I builded image with legacy kernel and Xenial desktop using armbian build tools (5.67). I get following boot log: Environments and mmc/boot folder consist of: When i build image for Orange Pi Zero and NanoPi M1+ all fine.
  4. I have the same trouble with build to NanoPi Duo (Armbian 5.67), have any solution?
  5. Hi, how you decode video on Nanopi Duo with hardware acceleration? Have you any images or instruction how i could test hardware acceleration by using Nanopi duo? Mainline kernel doesn't support hardware acselleration, right? I tried build image with legacy kernal (3.4.x), but it doesn't run. Any ideas?
  6. Same with CONFIG_CMA_SIZE_MBYTES=384... Also i tried mpv 0.29.0 version, it doesn`t work either... have you any clues? Who tested 4K (HEVC) on H3 Allwinner? It must work?
  7. Seems it parameter are ignored. In my 'syslog' reserved memory size not depends on it, all time 256M cma: CMA: reserved 256MiB at 50000000 I guess, that ION memory manager set 256M reserving... Also i tried rebuild image with: CONFIG_ION_SUNXI_RESERVE_LIST="256M@0,384M@0,130M@1,200M@1" Unfortunately, still same behavior.
  8. This settings is correct: [disp_init] disp_mode = 0 screen0_output_type = 2 screen0_output_mode = 11 [tv_para] tv_used = 1 There were two throubles. 1. My CVBS cable and jack on board have different pinout, changing pin i resolved this problem. 2. Also, mpv use dev/fb0 by default and it doesn`t work with disp_mode = 1 (set fb1 to tv out) But so far, i got new unexpected behavior. I use mpv to play 4K movie encoded by H.265 (8 bit, 30fps, 3840x2160) and get errors after 5 seconds: Segmentation fault It play FullHd movies encoded by H.265 well, but 4K with error. Why it happen?
  9. Thanks for quickly answer. But when i used this settings in FEX file: [disp_init] disp_mode = 1 screen1_output_type = 2 screen1_output_mode = 11 [tv_para] tv_used = 1 tv output not work. I was thinking that i need tv module, but i didn't find it in system. What yet I should config to enable TV output?
  10. Hello, I`m used armbian build script (from ) and got image without module tv. Why it missed module tv (video/sunxi/disp2/tv)? There it bug or legacy kernel doesn't support cvbs output? How can i add this module to image?
  11. Hi, i try config NanoPi M1 Plus to CVBS output. What i did: 1. Install legacy image from armbian 5.59 (kernel 3.4.y) 2. Used armbian-config to edit boot script: [disp_init] disp_mode = 1 screen1_output_type = 2 screen1_output_mode = 11 [tv_para] tv_used = 1 3. Added module tv into /etc/modules: #w1-sunxi #w1-gpio #w1-therm #sunxi-cir hci_uart rfcomm hidp dhd tv So far, i got only black screen on TV (no video, no audio). When i had config disp_out to HDMI, it worked fine. What i need config to enable TV out? Why it not working? Can anybody help me? Seems, i haven`t tv module... modinfo tv return modinfo: ERROR: Module tv not found. Where i can get tv.ko or source code for NanoPi M1+?
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