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    NanoPC T4

    Thanks a lot! I finally fixed my eMMC problem. Booting into MASKROM and erasing flash by using Chinese Rockchip Tool let me install armbian again to eMMC. I had some problems identifying the device with the Rockchip utility. Switching from Win10 to old Win7 laptop fixed connection issues. Now trying to configure armbian as my new ‚all-in-one‘ livingroom device. Are there experiences with running Kodi on armbian?
  2. Malz

    NanoPC T4

    Hi, I tried Armbian on my NanoPC-T4 and installed it to eMMC using ‚armbian-config‘. I wanted to try the official FriendlyELEC image, but the ‚eflasher‘ utility doesn’t recognise any eMMC. Then I tried booting from Armbian from SD and using ‚armbian-config‘ again to check if it recognised, but the option for installing to eMMC isn‘t present anymore. I can still boot Armbian from eMMC but can‘t install anything new to eMMC. Are there any advices for fixing the problem?