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  1. C3MX

    Help with A5X Max

    I've already read and done that. But the Tv box still does not boot. Thanks
  2. C3MX

    Help with A5X Max

    I used the Armbian_5.59_Rock64_Ubuntu_bionic_default_4.4.152 image. I'm not coming to the eMMC. In the case of the Orangepi, it worked that way via the Ambrian config thanks
  3. C3MX

    Help with A5X Max

    Hi Guys, I also want to run my TV box with linux (Armbian). To install IObroker. It worked on the SD card. About Armbian I flashed the EMCC again so I do not need an SD card anymore. After a reboot, nothing worked anymore Armbian on the EMCC also not on the SD card. Connecting via USB to the PC does not work either. Can I flash it all over RX and TX? Does one have an idea? Thank you