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  1. @Nasko how did your build go? Did it work for you? This being the Cubietruck, I wouldn't put my hopes high for a media player but curious if you had any success
  2. What you're witnessing is well-known, support for the PMU (axp209) disappeared from 4.x kernel, then it probably re-appeared or something Take a look here though, looks like a member managed to get it working with armbianmonitor.
  3. lol yeah, building on the single-boards is a funny experience time make -j2 ... ... real 94m25.207s user 176m11.210s sys 8m43.510s Now let's see if we can do anything useful with node on the tiny things
  4. Pretty much what I was thinking of, thanks for confirming. Back to Docker, until we sort out the AUFS mess, I'm currently testing it with OverlayFS
  5. That was quick, thank you Igor The more I give the 4.x kernel a real-use try the faster I go back to 3.x. Btw Igor, I read in another thread that you run the forum on single-board, which kernel are you using? Given that the Cubietruck sucks as a media server, I'm thinking of turning it into a web/app/storage server. Kernel 4.x would make sense but most things are still a cat-and-mouse chase. What would you suggest if you've had a Cubietruck?
  6. Same issue as @op1tjaap: Welcome to ARMBIAN Debian GNU/Linux 8 (jessie) 4.5.1-sunxi john@cubietruck:~$ docker run -d -p 80:80 hypriot/rpi-busybox-httpd docker: Error response from daemon: open /var/lib/docker/overlay/44fbad743683f30fcfbed42c5cec62e7152a7e1e81395ae22de2f738ddabc3e8-init/merged/.dockerinit: operation not permitted. See 'docker run --help'. The Docker guys are waiting for a patch that affects the 4.5 kernel: Going back to a 4.4x kernel makes Docker happy again. Loonix sucks donkey balls.
  7. Yep, compiling it is bog-standard: wget tar -xzf node-latest.tar.gz cd [node folder] ./configure make sudo make install
  8. You're right the debian repos are stuck with 0.10, but you can build the latest version yourself: I'm about to test node on the Cubietruck soon. I compiled it successfully a few days ago but since I haven't decided if I should stick to armbian legacy or vanilla, I have not done any decent testing on node yet.
  9. Roger! Thought you were still collecting info for your research. I don't need full-blown network stats on RPimonitor either, I've got a propper collectd/rrd setup on my router
  10. Here’s a fresh install of RPi-Monitor on a Cubietruck running Legacy Jessie server (boot from mSD, / on SATA). Most things look OK to me except for the Network stats. I’ve transferred approximately 100GBs to the Cubietruck from my file servers @tk if you need any specific info, let me know.
  11. @tkaiser, thanks What surprised me is that this is a fresh install of the latest image. Plugged a usb stick and it wouldn't mount it unless I switch the nodm settings to root as the default user, which is kinda outrageous. Yeah I thought about the polkit hell, it was common when using SLim as a display manager but it apparently has issues with the nodm as it doesn't have the X dot files scattered around. Anyway, got the trusty desktop image on the NAND and now playing around with the non-gui Jessie image trying to decide what to do with the Cubietruck. Will follow back with any fu
  12. Hey guys I'm setting up a Cubietruck with, and I cannot mount any of my unmounted volumes. Installing gksu didn't fix it. Any tips?