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  1. @sgjava , Thank you so much, but even after I find the gpio.h from kernel source path and installed manually in /usr/src/linux-header-$(uname -r)/ , the configure script could not able to find the path of "linux/gpio.h" but finally I could solve the compilation by exporting the C_INCLUDE_PATH in the shelling using "export C_INCLUDE_PATH=/usr/src/linux-headers-4.14.72-v7+/include/:/usr/include/" , it's working now.. I could build the libgpiod on the Raspberry CM3. once again thank you so much. Regards, Srini.
  2. @sgjava, could you please post how you manage to get the "linux/gpio.h" file, I am running into the same problem where the autoconfig say it could not find the 'linux/gpio.h' file, Please help with your findings. Thanks. Srin.
  3. @sgjava, could you describe how to install Linux headers for the raspberry-CM3 target, I am running the latest kernel, built and install, I cloned the kernel from "git clone --depth=1 https://github.com/raspberrypi/linux " which falls to be a kernel version 4.4.21-v7+ , I have even tried installing the header from the kernel build directory using the command "make headers_install" but still it is not installing all the required include file like "linux/gpio.h" for building the libgpiod. I noticed you were successfull in building the libgpiod on raspberry. please give some tips I am literally blocked. Appreciate your help. regards,Srini
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