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  1. I literally registered to post this complaint here. How STUPID it is to have a M.2 SATA SHARED WITH HDD1!! IT DEFEATS THE WHOLE PURPOSE OF THIS ENCLOSURE. PERIOD!!!! My mistake was that I did not know what it meant that M.2 was SHARED before I purchased this enclosure and now, I have a need to expand beyond the measly 16GB of your eMMC and I found out THE PAINFUL WAY that IT IS NOT POSSIBLE because of the shared SATA port. IT"S BEYOND FRUSTRATION. YOU CANNOT EVEN IMAGINE HOW STUPID THIS DECISION OF YOURS IS. IT JUST LITERALLY DOWNGRADED YOUR NAS FROM AN EXCELLENT ENCLOSURE TO AN OVERPRICED JUNK THAT I HAD TO WAIT FOR FOR MORE THAN 6 MONTHS. AND THERE IS NO WAY TO RETURN IT TO YOU AND GET MY MONEY BACK. What should I do with my RAID now, once I want to install an SSD drive? Should I now use RAID drive as a slow storage and have symbolic links to make sure that I don't run out of space on eMMC? IF THERE WAS SOME WAY TO RATE YOUR ENCLOSURE SO NOBODY ELSE MAKES THE SAME MISTAKE I DID, I WOULD CERTAINLY DO THAT.
  2. Hi there, was this issue ever resolved? I am experiencing the same problem - when booting from the default eMMC I get some chinese version of android (useless, but confirms that HDMI actually works), but when booting from an SD card I can see that everything works via TTL but no HDMI. I tried all of the images available from Orange Pi website as well but none of them gives HDMI output. Bad SD card and underpower are ruled out because TTL monitoring confirms Armbian booting up and HDMI hardware works because the useless Android works, so it is something to do with Armbian itself.