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  1. Running into this exact issue when bringing up new nodes to add to my existing cluster. Any idea what the last version of Armbian compatible might be? My existing cluster is running kernel 4.14.70-s5p6818 and on Dietpi v6.15 and I could clone that -- but I was hoping to use Armbian for the new additions.. tso is fixed in the latest version and by default appears to be off.. root@armbian-nanopi3-ClusterTest:~# ethtool -k eth0 | grep tcp tcp-segmentation-offload: off tx-tcp-segmentation: off [fixed] tx-tcp-ecn-segmentation: off [fixed] tx-tcp-mangleid-segmentation: off [fixed] tx-tcp6-segmentation: off [fixed] Thanks!
  2. @5kft -- Thanks for this, worked like a charm! For anyone looking for more -- all I had to do was grab the device tree tools and run the following on the existing dtb in the boot directory: dtc -O dts s5p6818-nanopi-fire3.dtb > fire3-devicetreetxt.dts #[Modify frequencies on dts file, too lazy to build a sed command] dtc -O dtb fire3-devicetreetxt.dts > s5p6818-nanopi-fire3.dtb I think on the FriendlyArm provided distro this would be the 05.dtb file as @wtarreau mentioned. No recompilation of the kernel required, just a reboot. It seems that for any overclock a small voltage bump is required. I am still looking into if this will push my 10 port USB hub (60w anker) past its rated capacity when all 10 Fire3's are loaded to 100%. @wtarreau -- If you have a chance I'd love to take a look at your thermal throttling point configuration. Standard disclaimer of course noted :-) Thank you both!
  3. Hello! @wtarreau Would it be possible for you to upload your 05.dtb file or provide a few instructions on how you went about modifying the clock frequency to 1.6ghz? I have 10 of these boards and looking to give them a bit of a bump. Thanks!
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