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  1. Typically you want to take a backup of a root filesystem that is not live. That means either booting from other media or moving the media for the root filesystem to some other computer. And then copy the not-live root filesystem. Either using rsync or using disk imaging. But often a full backup is not needed. All that is needed may be to backup the configuration and be able to restore it. Often that means just /etc. There are desktop tools to backup live root filesystems, and restore them, that greatly reduce the need for a full system backup. Timeshift is one example.
  2. Hi! I'm attempting to activate FS-Cache on a HC2 with a 512GB SSD. I want to cache reads from other servers with NFS shares using mechanical HDDs over GbE. I run PLEX on the HC2 with SSD and the media is stored on other HC2s running OMV, with big mechanical HDDs. I figure that I can use a good chunk of the SSD to reduce the network traffic and the HDD use. I successfully use FS-Cache on a Ubuntu 18.04 laptop, together with autofs. But when I attempt to start FS-Cache on my HC2 with Bionic Armbian I get: Oct 17 23:25:34 ctrl systemd[1]: Starting LSB: CacheFil
  3. I run Plex Media Server on my HC2 with Armbian Bionic, on an SSD, without any problems. Armbian 5.60 stable Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS 14.14.69-odroidxu4 PMS