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  1. Typically you want to take a backup of a root filesystem that is not live. That means either booting from other media or moving the media for the root filesystem to some other computer. And then copy the not-live root filesystem. Either using rsync or using disk imaging.


    But often a full backup is not needed. All that is needed may be to backup the configuration and be able to restore it. Often that means just /etc.


    There are desktop tools to backup live root filesystems, and restore them, that greatly reduce the need for a full system backup. Timeshift is one example. I run it on my Ubuntu laptop. You run Timeshift before an upgrade to make a new snapshot of the root filesystem. If something goes wrong you can use Timeshift to revert back and reboot to the state of the system from before the upgrade. Timeshift is mainly based on rsync, but also uses some "tricks" to more fully be able to restore things like /boot and mbr.


    I would welcome the addition of a similar functionality to armbian-config. To be able to update system snapshots and to restore them at will.


  2. Hi!


    I'm attempting to activate FS-Cache on a HC2 with a 512GB SSD. I want to cache reads from other servers with NFS shares using mechanical HDDs over GbE. I run PLEX on the HC2 with SSD and the media is stored on other HC2s running OMV, with big mechanical HDDs. I figure that I can use a good chunk of the SSD to reduce the network traffic and the HDD use. I successfully use FS-Cache on a Ubuntu 18.04 laptop, together with autofs.


    But when I attempt to start FS-Cache on my HC2 with Bionic Armbian I get:


    Oct 17 23:25:34 ctrl systemd[1]: Starting LSB: CacheFiles daemon...
    Oct 17 23:25:34 ctrl cachefilesd[11217]:  * Starting FilesCache daemon  cachefilesd
    Oct 17 23:25:34 ctrl cachefilesd[11217]: modprobe: FATAL: Module cachefiles not found in directory /lib/modules/4.14.69-odroidxu4
    Oct 17 23:25:34 ctrl cachefilesd[11217]: Failed to load fscache module,
    Oct 17 23:25:34 ctrl cachefilesd[11217]:!


    I've seen elsewhere that cachefiles was enabled in another kernel for ODROID C2. Is it possible to do the same here in the future?