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  1. No I didn't. I guess he means line 95 of the 2nd ver of the script (which is line 107 in ver 3) if [ "$eeprom" -eq "$eeprom_address" ]; then But his solution " if [ true ]; then " didn't make any sense to me. (If what is true?!) So I read through the script trying to figure out the logic of it, and to see if I could come up with my own kludge, but it's just a bit beyond my level (my level isn't very high).
  2. I was going by pzw's comment above and the fact there are a couple of references to eeprom in the script like: eeprom_address="57" eeprom=$(echo "$list" | $grep "50:" | $awk '{print $9}') if [ "$eeprom" -eq "$eeprom_address" ]; then
  3. Hi could someone publish a modified version IgorS's custom script (the 3rd version above) for ds3231 RTC's that don't have EEPROMs? I tried to do it myself, but my programming skills just aren't up to it. Any help much appreciated. (Here's the script to save having to download and extract the .tar.gz above.)
  4. Thanks, sfx2000. But I'd already "disabled" IPv6 using that method. On my first Armbian setup attempts, no matter what I did, my system never got an IPv4 address. It only ever had an IPv6 (despite my network being IPv4.) Eventually I stumbled on that `armbian-config` option. Once "disabled" it allowed the system to get an IPv4. But despite what it says, it didn't "disable" IPv6 system wide. Tools like `ip addr` and `ifconfig` showed it still had IPv6 active.
  5. After hours, literally *hours*, researching this IPv6 crud I think I have it. Apparently Network Manager overrides the regular IPv6 settings configured in `/etc/sysctl.conf`. So its a two part fix. First setting `method` to `ignore` is part of the solution (see sfx2000's screenshot) That takes IPv6 out of Network Manager's control. BUT `nmtui` wouldn't let me save that setting... I've no idea why. So I had to do it manually sudo nano /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/eth0 ---[snip]--- [IPv6] method=ignore Then all the regular `/etc/sysctl.conf` changes seem to work. I've tested Privacy extensions and disabling IPv6. Hope this saves someone else wasting hours of their life they'll never get back
  6. I've tried various methods. None work. What are the recommended Armbian ways to a) enable IPv6 temporary addresses b) disable IPv6 Thank you.
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