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  1. for orangepi lite2 users: the original dts file misses definition of "reg_usb_vbus", the usb3.0 port has no power. this dtb file should works sun50i-h6-orangepi-lite2.dtb.fixed2
  2. @larrylart use 5.0.3 dtb file with 5.1.5 kernel , at least the usb3 works in 2.0 mode I will investigate the difference between 5.0.3 and 5.1.5 of dts and dtsi file sun50i-h6-orangepi-lite2.dtb.5.0.13
  3. my board is orangepilite2, no problem with the power
  4. @martinayotte I have compiled the latest version of armbian,but the new kernel does not recognize rtl8153 behind usb hub when connecting to the usb3 port. some alerts and errors appears during booting
  5. I have compiled the latest commit b79c38c86ca27c2112dfd0d8274cb3963aadb2f8 it boots failed. see bootlog serial
  6. after taking some time on "how to install u-boot on allwinner chip" and some wiki info of MBR. And then digging into u-boot post installation script. I have figured out how to solve this problem without reflashing the whole sdcard. We have to flash u-boot and spl after run 'apt upgrade -y' because the post installation script don't flash u-boot automatically. This script will help you flash the new u-boot and spl . #!/bin/sh # run apt upgrade first . /usr/lib/u-boot/ setup_write_uboot_platform write_uboot_platform $DIR $DEVICE
  7. It doesn't work even on stock image (3.14x, works in usb2.0 mode)
  8. Marvell ESPRESSObin Marvell Armada 3700LP (88F3720) dual core ARM Cortex A53 processor up to 1.2GHz,1xWan + 2x Lan GbE, 1x sata, 1x USB2.0, 1x USB3.0, 1x micro USB port,1x MiniPCIe
  9. I bought a large heatsink size 37*37*24mm and modified with my dremel. And then connect the heatsink and the soc with a pice of copper and 3M™ Thermally Conductive Adhesive Transfer Tape 8810. I've learned that both the ap6255 module and the ddr ram onboard generates lots of heat. ap6255 gets overheat under heavy load and stop working until core temperature drops under alert temperature without a proper heatsink this brand is called "Your Cee" on aliexpress
  10. @data , @Igor , @Icenowy here is iperf3 benchmark on kernel 3.10.65
  11. I have tested the image the WiFi-AP6255(5G) works well, but the iperf3 test result is not very good, and the ftp speed is the same as the iperf3 bench. the ftp speed never reaches 10MB/s, while the stock image can run up to 20MB/s (5G, link speed is 433mbps). ---------------------------------- and the USB3.0 port does not work , even in usb2.0 mode( the stock image works in usb2.0 mode) it can't see any devices. root@orangepili