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  1. busybox or busybox-static package is needed for update initramfs must run after kernel updates. The busybox-static package is missing on the Tinkerboard and Odroid C2 image (may be others). I filed a bug report here: [busybox or busybox-static is needed for update initramfs · Issue #1124 · armbian/build · GitHub]( Apparently it was not the right place. It got closed immedeatly: > The issue is closed for two reasons: it contains no valuable info and it's in the wrong place. I still consider this to be an important bug, so I leave a trace here.
  2. Odroid C2: next and dev kernels do recognize USB hard-drives The stable kernel does. Kernel configuration issue?
  3. > I assume chances are hight that the new kernelconfig will be merged into Armbian and everyone can benefit from your work I pushed this pull request: > There is still one problem remaining: OpenMediaVault 4 does not recognize `/dev/mapper/dm-name-md1-crypt` as a device. The problem solved itself! No idea how and why. Maybe it needed just a reboot.
  4. > it might make sense to open an issue on github (that's were buildscript related questions are normally discussed) just to ensure this information doesn't get lost. [`menuconfig` in docker build crashes when compiled for the second time · Issue #1122 · armbian/build](
  5. Thank you for your video! I managed to compile the kernel using docker with ./ docker KERNEL_ONLY=yes BOARD=tinkerboard BRANCH=next KERNEL_CONFIGURE=yes BTW `menuconfig` works only when compiled for the first time. then it crashes! Like the Odroid people I compiled all crypt related stuff as modules, see linux-rockchip-next.config. The crypto modules are so tiny that they does not make the image bigger. When I unlock my luks device with cryptsetup open --type luks $(ls /dev/md*|head -n 1) dm-name-md1-crypt it loads the `xts` module. There is still one problem remaining: OpenMediaVault 4 does not recognize `/dev/mapper/dm-name-md1-crypt` as a device. Strangely under `Armbian Odroid C2` it does! See my question here: Any ideas what kernel module could be missing?
  6. I am afraid I am not competent for suggesting pull requrests for these config files. Knowing that my Odroid C2 Armbian default configuration can mount luks encrypted partitions out of the box, I compared this configuration with the rockchip configuration. As you can see from the attached file linux-rockchip-default.config--linux-odroidc2-default.config.diff they differ in many ways: My best guess is to change # CONFIG_CRYPTO_XTS is not set to CONFIG_CRYPTO_XTS=m This might not be enough though. The second file lsmod.txt shows all loaded modules in my Odroid C2. It has an luks encrypted Raid1 volume mounted. I hope it helps someone.
  7. Luks encrypted devices need this cipher: aes-xts-plain64 I get these error messages: > Check that kernel supports aes-xts-plain64 cipher > device-mapper: table: 254:0: crypt: Error allocating crypto tfm It seems that at least the following modules are needed: xts, aes-x86_64 They are misising in all armbian debian kernals for rockchip. Could you please add them?