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  1. Well, the FreeIPA release just updated on Friday (2018/10/05) it looks like to solve the issue... now I just have to wait for it to make its way into debian/ubuntu/armbian's repos (or get Fedora working on Rock64 but so far that's been a fail - I expect the repos will update before I get Fedora booting on the Rock64)
  2. Ah, well, then I guess I'm just going to have to wait for FreeIPA to patch things. But I didn't have this issue installing on a Pi, which also wouldn't have the module, so ... :shrug: Though perhaps that was because I was running Fedora there, maybe it's RHEL relationship gets the FIPS stuff?
  3. That's one approach, but shouldn't /proc/sys/crypto exist anyways ? Why doesn't it? And it's easier to build a custom kernel if that's what it takes than to wait on a FreeIPA patch to make its way to the relevant repository, much less build FreeIPA myself.
  4. Can't create directories under /proc, since it's not a normal fileystem. # mkdir /proc/sys/crypto mkdir: cannot create directory ‘/proc/sys/crypto’: No such file or directory
  5. /proc/sys/crypto doesn't exist, so anything checking the status of /proc/sys/crypto/fips_enabled fails terribly. (Specifically trying to bring up a FreeIPA server which includes tomcat-based Dogtag CA, it checks for FIPS during setup, dies). I see there is an rk_crypto kernel module available, so I don't know why /proc/sys/crypto itself is missing. I tried 'modprobe rk_crypto' and it loaded (appears in output of 'lsmod'), but /proc/sys/crypto still doesn't exist.
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