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  1. And if I want to poweroff. Would it be the same but just using poweroff command? I am using Armbian Stretch on OrangePI PC2. I will program the OrangePi to poweroff before the smartplug to which is plugged in switch the power off too. Then I expect to reboot remotely by turning the smartplug on. Thanks.
  2. I made a previous topic more specific and got no answers so I thought I would expand more. I did a search and I could not find may topics or posts about this. Are people here mainly using these boards without a case? Anyway this could be a future reference. So please if owners of Orange Pi are using a case with theirs could you say which one and any comments. Thank you.
  3. So is not a hardware issue, then? Or maybe a work around was found. Thanks.
  4. May decide to go with WG if OpenVPN is not enough for my use case but how do those "modern" crypto relate to this: https://linux-sunxi.org/Cryptographic_Hardware_Accelerators Do H3 or H5 have hardware/software support for them? Thanks
  5. @JMCC @Igor_K Have been reading some threads here and haven't pulled the trigger yet I am running out of time before my trip. So for crypto, looking at this: https://linux-sunxi.org/Cryptographic_Hardware_Accelerators QUESTION 1: Wouldn't it be better to go with an H3 board (like OrangePi PC or PC plus) or can I expect advances that turns those WIP into OK Or is not worth sacrificing the speed and 64bits of the H5 (Orange Pi PC 2) ? Will describe my use case with more detail. I want to install two of these for VPN server and maybe running pihole and ddns updater. VPN will be for streaming video (Netflix, Amazon Prime) to avoid geoblock some days for three or four hours. They will be one in Spain and one in the UK while I live in Asia. I will plug them into smartplugs that I can switch on/off remotely. I wont be able to monitor the temperature (I mean see if they burn directly) so I wouldn't like to have my parents or my in-laws house burned down :-O I wouldn't mind to leave them running 24/7 but since I don't need them on all the time they will probably stay off when I don't need to stream video so off most of the time. QUESTION 2: Will they need a case with a fan? Are heatsinks mandatory? QUESTION 3: Any recommendations about cases (I did a search for cases and enclosure in the forum but there is not much really. May create a thread) I would rather not have a fan but.. would this be ok? https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Orange-Pi-PC-PC2-Plus-Acrylic-Case-Cooling-Fan-Heat-Sink-Beginner-Kit-Compatible-w-Orange/32807785955.html?spm=a2g0s.8937460.0.0.33432e0eino6p4 QUESTION 4: For Power supply, are the ones sold by Xunlong ok? Thank you and sorry for many questions.
  6. Is your ethernet working fine? "Important: Some devices suffer from a Gbit Ethernet issue related to the GbE PHY leading to a severe amount of packet losses which might render Ethernet unuseable. It’s confirmed as a hardware issue and if you’re affected or not can be simply checked by testing network throughput with iperf3. Against another GbE capable device, you should exceed 900 Mbits/sec with Armbian (only 800 Mbits/sec in RX direction when not using Xenial due to iperf3 being single-threaded in both directions then and bottlenecked by CPU). If you see low throughput and high retransmit counts then a workaround is to switch to Fast Ethernet only by adding ethtool -s eth0 speed 100 duplex full to /etc/rc.local"
  7. Hi, I am about to buy my first orange pi (PC 2, PC or PC Plus) and I have no idea what case to buy. I plan to use it as VPN server connecting remotely from time to time for three hours to stream video. Are the ones from Xunlong ok? Does it need a fan at all? Are heatsinks a must? Any experiences with Geekworm acrylic ones? I am thinking something like this with a fan: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Orange-Pi-PC-PC2-PC-Plus-Acrylic-Case-5V-3A-EU-Power-Adapter-Cooling-Fan-Heat/32818782336.html Since I am here.. I would also ask about the power supply. Are Xunlong ones ok or better go with Geekworm and buy the bundle? All ideas welcomed Thanks.
  8. First post here. Getting to know armbian. Hello everyone.. I also have these questions about using a SBC as VPN server (for streaming video from Netflix, etc to another country). Is Gigabit Ethernet necessary if the broadband speed is less than 100? 512Mb RAM enough or 1Gb better? 64 bits better than 32bits CPU? I mean "better" as necessary for performance for streaming online video. I am looking at the OrangePi range. Don't need wifi or HDMI output. I think the Orange Pi Zero Plus H5 512Mb (a similar one without Wifi would be ideal I think but is already cheap enough). Then with 1Gb RAM and Gigabit Ethernet: OrangePi One Plus [Maybe not supported by Armbian] and OrangePi PC2. NanoPi Neo could be a candidate if Gigabit Ethernet is not necessary. NanoPi A64 also if 1Gb RAM better (also has Gigabit Ethernet) [NOT SUPPORTED BY ARMBIAN] Less power consumption and less heating also preferable (but I see some have microUSB power which seems is not recommended). I may create a new thread asking for experiences using VPN for online video streaming abroad. Btw I searched this forum for VPN no results came. I searched on google: forum.armbian vpn and there were several results including this thread. Any help appreciated. Thank you.
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