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  1. Thanks for the work you've done. However, LibreElec does not start with this .dtb
  2. Good day. I have a SCISHION V88 Piano TV Box - RK3328 4GB RAM + 16GB ROM Android 7.1 USB 3.0 Fast LAN. It works very poorly with trees of devices that exist in various LibreElec assemblies for RK3328. Could you get the device tree for my box from its firmware? Here is the link to my firmware Thank.
  3. If not difficult, tell me how to do it? Or share a link to the manual (highly desirable, in Russian). I am pleased to test your version.
  4. 1. I used several different microSD cards - the result is the same. 2. I am able to restore the firmware and did it, but it is extremely reluctant to do it again. Although I also suspect that the reason lies in the console card reader. 3. I know that you are working under Linux, but I hope that you will answer my question. On Amlogic tv-boxes, the system is transferred to the eMMC with the help of the "installtointernal" command. In TV boxes on PK3328, can the system be transferred from the microSD card in the same way? Thank you for the answers.
  5. I agree - your build is working. But on the box v88piano constantly crashes, the operating system on micro SD collapses. As a result, the system load stops with the message "kernel panic". It was checked on your (and not only your) builds of LibreElec and linux with different device trees - z28, Rock64, etc. Could you add support for the box v88piano to your builds?
  6. At one time there was a branch, where Libreelec was developed for rk3328 on KODI 17.6, which worked steadily on the V88piano and there was not only hardware acceleration of the video.