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  1. I found the error. It was the mount point. Everything's working fine now for almost 7 weeks.
  2. My uptime is 7 days. As long as never before. I guess the change to "performance" works. Thank you very much.
  3. @Igor Thanks in advance. I changed the setup. In '/etc/default/cpufrequtils' is saw 'MAX_SPEED=1010000'. With 'cpufreq-info' i saw this line 'hardware limits: 144 MHz - 960 MHz'. I changed the value to 'MAX_SPEED=960000'. Best regards!
  4. Hello, my BananaPi M1 sometimes just stops working. The maximum uptime is 5 days. Usually the time is shorter. The system simply hangs. I can no longer access the system via SSH. When I connect a monitor to HDMI, nothing is displayed, so I can log in. I have connected an external hard drive that is self-powered. I know the stories with the power supply. I have run ' stress -c 2 -m 1 '. The system remains stable. Time CPU load %cpu %sys %usr %nice %io %irq CPU PMIC DC-IN C.St 19:09:19: --- 0.69 10% 5% 5% 4% 0% 0% 49.3°C 42.4°C 5.10V 0/6 19:09:49: --- 2.16 100% 33% 66% 0% 0
  5. 1007M swap. I don't know... This is from dmesg: [ 24.553452] Adding 1030140k swap on /var/swap. Priority:-2 extents:5 across:3536892k SSFS I saw with lsblk, that sda1 has no mountpoint... that could be the reason. I will check it out.
  6. Yes. I stopped the service and started it again. I rebooted my BananaPi too.
  7. I did that already, but forgot to mention it. "download-dir": "/mnt/EXTUSB/Transmission/", "incomplete-dir": "/mnt/EXTUSB/Transmission/", "incomplete-dir-enabled": true, My data is stored in /mnt/EXTUSB. There is nothing to remove in this folder and its subfolders. Please see here: /var/lib/transmission-daemon$ sudo du -cksh * | sort -hr | head -n 5 4,0K total 4,0K downloads 0 info I checked disk usage in my other folders . Here are my top five in / and /var: Disk usage in /: 7,3G total 4,5G mnt - This is my external USB drive 1,8G var - 826M usr 136M lib Disk usage in
  8. Hello, I followed the instructions for installing transmission and seed the torrents. When I then download the torrents with sudo /etc/cron.daily/seed-armbian-torrent my internal memory is used and filled up. The torrents are stored on the external hard disk. df -h Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on /dev/mmcblk0p1 7,4G 7,3G 0 100% / Normally 5.6G from the internal memory card is used. What uses this memory? I have linked the links from transmission for blocklists, resume, torrents to my external USB hard disk to save space but it didn't he
  9. I found the error. It was because of my HDMI cable. With a shorter cable it works. Now my Bananapi M1 runs well. @Igor: Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for the quick answers. Now I share all current torrents for that SBC.
  10. Thank you very much. This was really fast. I tried different images: Armbian_5.90_Bananapi_Ubuntu_xenial_default_3.4.113_desktop - Green heartbeat LED flashes sometimes. No HDMI output. Armbian_19.11.6_Bananapi_buster_current_5.4.8_desktop - No heartbeat LED. No HDMI output. All new Armbian_20.02.5_Bananapi_xxxx_xxxxx_5.4.26 - No heartbeat LED. No HDMI output. Is HDMI output enabled? Is the green heartbeat LED enabled? I want to install some things in front of the SBC. If all is configured I want to use it headless. Do you have some hin
  11. Hello, I wanted to upgrade my Bananapi M1. So I downloaded "Buster minimal" from Last modified: 2020-02-17. I flashed the image to my SD card and started the SBC. But nothing happened. I got no heartbeat LED nor HDMI output. (I know from my Tinkerboard that I have to boot without connected HDMI to start correct. I did this with the bananapi too.) So I tried different variants: Bionic server, Buster server and Buster desktop. I never had a video output. I cross checked with my old raspian lite from 2016. With this image the Bananapi works. I used dd
  12. Thank you. What can I do now? How may I help?
  13. I've tested it with two Full HD televisions of different brands that works when it is connected at startup. Then I checked the monitor that don't work. UART 2 with 115200 baud shows me U-Boot. Here is the recording of the monitor that works. Here is the second recording of the monitor that dont works. Both outputs are equal up to the line "Failed (-5). I don't get an error message. I checked UART 3 with 115200 baud. Here is the first with the monitor that works. All works fine. No error messages. With the second monitor that dont wo
  14. Hello, I'm observing a strange behavior. If I connect the Tinkerboard to HDMI, it won't start. Only the red led LED lights up. Yellow and green did not light up. The Tinkerboard ist connected to a NorthPada 5V 3A Micro USB Charger power supply. I measured the supply voltage with 5.3V and checked with an oscilloscope if there are voltage dips. But the voltage was stable. I did a cross test. I unplugged the HDMI cable and started the Tinkerboard. The Tinkerboard starts and the yellow and green LEDs lights up. I measured the supply voltage with 5.3V and checked with an oscilloscope if there a
  15. Banana Pi M1 is in that range. It depends on your application. Do you want a cheap SBC or do you have an application where you need more power?