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  1. Hello all, i try to install linux on android tablet based on Allwinner A64 chip. Which recomandations do you know about installation linux on android tablet? On this moment i have install armbian with teres-a64-i config whith armbian utilit. It's started but i have a problem with display , it's black and not started. I view on hardware documentation at teres-a64 and different with my tablet is in driver for monitor, teres have a ANX6345(RGB to eDP) and my tablet have a NCS8801S(LVDS to eDP). It's possible to configure to start my display? What do you meen about this?
  2. Hello! i'm new user in linux, and i have one problem with my display on chinese tablet. I install armbian img from Olimex Teres A64 img. Armbian is started but not work the display. How is the possibility to change or set video output for display? the file script.bin i don't find. Thanks alot for response.